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G&G CM18 Mod1 Airsoft Review

G&G CM18 Mod1 Airsoft Review

hey guys this is fubar here from spectrum airsoft to review online G&G combat cm 18 mod 1 first off is I’m gonna start with the base of the gun I switched it out for a full metal upper and lower receiver with a G&G combat gr 16 so it’s metal and a lot more high-quality I switch the grip out for another grip which I personally don’t really like I’ll recommend getting a tango down grip so it just feels a lot better in hand the stock of the gun I bought it is a elite 4 stock you can see there’s a little switch that you write there and it comes down you can open it up um it’s really easy to take it out and everything um the internal upgrades I’ve put on this gun is a MOSFET Dean’s and that is it oh and it metal hop-up um the deans and show you that is right here there’s a batter I use a 9.

6 battery there’s the adapter here’s the plug my ears the MOSFET for the magazine I’m using a just a G&G magazine 120 round magazine it’s the magazine that came with the gun the grip is just a normal black stubby grip the red dot I can’t remember what kind it is it came with the G&G combat are I tell it has seven different brightnesses headings with low one reticle next is my flashlight there’s three different brightness settings and there’s a um a focus thing there’s a strobe and SOS Y way it works is you have a pressure switch and then it just comes back through here and everything but I currently allow the pressure switch cuz actually just broke off last week at a game that’s pretty much it the hop-up is right here just the normal pop up on em force I highly recommend it it was shooting 323 feet 320 332 feet per second with 0.

20 x’ um the range is pretty good on it I was shooting about shooting now 200 feet accurately like a good at a good distance and that is the review on the Jan G combat CM 18 mod 1 this is fubar here signing out


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