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Behind the blue container! Try it. Behind the blue container. Fox, behind the left wall. Where? Behind the left wall! I’m reloading… Fox? Back, we have to move back! Oh shit! Did I hit you? No. Sorry.

There are enemys on our right site. Blue enemy on 3 o clock! Ready? 3… Attention, there is a cam guy behind you! Fox? We need surpression fire! Peter and Wiki run to the other site! Are you stupid? Fox give surpressing fire, get ready Wiki! I will slip and fall there.

.. Ready Fox? Ready? 1..2..3… As promised, he slipped and fall down… I was not fast enaugh… Where? Left site, two enemys. The other site of the building. Peter, cover me! Near the car.. Hit! A few targets here! One from the other site.

.. Behind the plants… Sorry. No, it’s ok. Can we move to this site? Where do you wanna go? Let me see. Searching for easter eggs? I do not see easter eggs. Let me see… We could move this site down.

.. I’ll give you surpressing fire! Wait, change sites! Ready, Go! Tell me what you see! Building, many open windows… Now anyone knows where i am… 2…3… May someone is in the big window on top…

Ahead, on the wall on left site.. Wait, there is safezone? On this site ahead is an easter egg… There is someone at the building… Where? This direction… The egg? Can you see it? No. I will go. Just cover me.

I will go. Ok, go. Where is the egg? He is searching the egg… I don’t want to fall in this yellow snow here… Just don’t eat it… Move over the street. Come, go! Fall back, search cover! Enemys on the house.

Follow me to the other site of the car! You will run to the house wall. Go! My weopon is out of order! If he will show his body, I will taking him under fire, run to the egg! The left window. Go! I will run to the egg.

Cover me. Ok. Can you say this again please? We have to move forward. At the window? Shot. Bäng. Are there people at the entrance from us? That was logically… Shot! Ah ok. RED! More subtitelt videos will follow!


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