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Gear – Loadout Dingchavez BSAA18 Team – spécial 8000 abonnés [ENG subs]

Gear – Loadout Dingchavez BSAA18 Team – spécial 8000 abonnés [ENG subs]

Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today this is about something you’ve been a lot to ask haven’t they Snaky ? Oh yes you’re right, many people sent messages, these morons are really annoying ! hey behave ! this isn’t an unboxing or an overview video, this is about a loadout of the outfit I use when I play with my club, the BSAA18 oh yeah this is awesome ! Let’s start with an SRVV combat shirt this is the Surpat pattern, I really love it it is very efficient, very disruptive a leather belt, I’ve found it in a box a pair of Emerson gen3 Kryptek Mandrake pants I’ve only put one kneepad because I mostly kneel on the left side these boots are Lowa Zephyr GTX mid I’ve had them for a few months they replaced a pair of worn off Converse these are good boots I like how Surpat and Mandrake add up, colors are consistent With this setup I use a TRB Outsider holster and a USP Compact by Marui equipped with a Surefire X300 Ultra flashlight here is a Tiger Tailor chestrig V3+pouches model this is a 5-magazine chestrig with additionnal pouches raising the capacity to 10 I love this gear because it’s super light, super sturdy this is real deal gear, made for professionnals and as you can see you can put many things in the pouches even HK417 mags, AKs, MP5s, tornado grenades pistol mags, tools, I also store my radio here I used to play with a CIRAS and it was too heavy to communicate with my teamates I use a Z-tactical comtac with a PTT Z-tac is a division of Element, cheap gear for airsoft and I use a Midland G9Plus radio the screen has taken a BB since the shooting and now it’s broken.

.. About protections, I sometimes use an Emerson helmet Skyairsoft mask and a modified stalker, it’s not symetrical so I can aim without problems I also use Invader Gear gloves those are Oakley-inspired, for a third of the price.

.. but most of the time I’ll play light and use a pair of Oakley M Frame they are 5 year old and here are the gloves I’m used to wearing my reaction hand is equipped with a Mechanix M pact glove my weapon hand is equipped with a Mechanix M Framer, allowing me to easily operate my replicas thanks to Thomas for the pictures and videos I’ll show you the three replicas I use the most let’s start with a HK416 by Tokyo Marui.

I “Frenched” it up so I put a Tango Down pistol grip a real Eotech 552 VFC flip up ironsights a Peq-15 HK rail covers here this is a cheap magazine and inside I’ve put an Option no1 kit with a 7.4V 1400mAh LiPo SHS high torque motor and a PDI innel barrel it is a good gun I also use a Magpul Dynamics sling smile is back ! Of course, because here is one of my favourite guns a VFC DX2 numbered AKS74U ! I installed many real parts : flash hider, handguard, magazine shell front sight, stock, tourniquet, bandage and sling and I use a Belarussian PK-A, it works fine it is a good gun, I use a Gen3 ASCU and I’ve put a Tanio Koba inner barrel I also play with a GHK GBBr AKM a few real parts here too flash hider,cleaning rod, gas tube, handguard,rear sight stock and pistol grip I also use this outfit when I go shopping as people are afraid, you get faster acces to the cashier especially with this face and of course you can also trim your hedges, mow the lawn but don’t forget to use the proper safety equipment I’m done with this loadout I hope you liked it this is not an outfit I’ll wear for every skirmish but I kinda like it there’s no particular inspiration, in opposition to all the Russian uniforms I have don’t hesitate to comment, click one of the thumbs see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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