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G.S.G. New Airsoft Weapons in 2015

G.S.G. New Airsoft Weapons in 2015

this is Martin and he would show me now the new products this year in 2015 and we will start here okay hello guys i will show you our new SS bazooka m9a1 it’s a really big granite launcher in the original dimensions it’s one meter 55 long and it works really easy because you’re putting on in your user grenade in this then the the grenade comes in here you fill it full of gas and of PBS then you put it back inside and then you aim your target and then the big boom comes out so you can get it here for 435 year euros in the shops and you will include also a scope a small scope and yeah it’s full metal so this works with every normal grenade yes yes 40 millimeters create know in the grenade is also including ok do you know the weight also so wait are five thousand five hundred grams ok five and a half kilos yeah yeah you you can you can try it also okay this thing is definitely heavy you can also made it into two parts I think that before you can hear detach it then you can transport it better yes of course ok yes that’s very easy here we have the new mk43 meshing gun it’s an AAG under 0.

5 tool it’s including a 3500 rounds magazine and the weights are around about seven kilos and the surprise our 629 euros it’s including a bipod and you could open you can open it like a real machine gun and here we have the m60 maybe you know it from ramble ramble too and here it includes also a 3500 around magazine and it costs 699 euros it’s also in a ag and with 0.

5 tool it’s also all full metal and yes also seven kilos yeah a little bit more seven half kilo yeah and the ufe or carry handles which you could use in every direction here for our reenactor fans we have the m1918 here it includes a 190 round magazine you could shoot it also in full automatic with 0.

5 tool you have also a carry handle its wooden imitation here and you’ve got to flip upside and the shoulder pad which you could flip up also see the battery comes also inside here and the price here is maybe around about 500 years here we have here some some new a mobile models yeah you can get it in in dark earth or in black yeah youyou includes a 150 shots of magazine including a front grip and it’s very compact flip up sights ASCS system inside in the alc you you see you’ll be there these are here you see see old-style gearbox with a lot of parts inside and the ases system got a chip which you could program it River box that you could shoot only semi automatic and with the energy of 1.

1 jewel and the this gearbox knows when the battery are going to unload and then it stops automatically that you didn’t can get a debug share yeah here we see a lot of different styles of modifications of this gun yeah I think so anyone can choose a study wand yeah but there’s there’s no difference in the system so so it’s the same body it’s just different judgments yeah different stocks or something else here with silencer imitation I think we can go now to the sniper rifles we have here CMS arrow 009 it’s a guest guest sniper rifle you have also a bipod which you could use and you have round about 1.

5 true inside can you upgrade the power to a bit more I yeah maybe maybe when you’re using a red gas or something else other gas you too can you use see you to know so here we are from ours as a sniper rifle cacs air it’s made of wood very high quality stainless steel and very good good optic and when you’re taking in you feel the quality and and it looks so this is this is all wood yeah okay that’s a very interesting shape we have to say it’s like a very ergonomic shape here you can see she’s also very smooth absolutely but it’s not a little it’s a little bit expensive so you you must pay round about 1000 euros yeah but you get a stainless steel yeah is this included or not is it included included okay here we have some small CQ CQ v m4 models yeah it’s very it’s also made in full metal with a battery box and semi-automatic also including a 300 round magazine and a small silencer which is attached or not and yeah we are bring it here the first time and it comes out in four weeks famous m82a1 sniper rifle with electric power SI g of course with one point two truths and 190 rounds in the magazine it includes also a bipod and the carry handle and you can get it from GSG in two different versions so long version and the cqb roche yeah and you you can get it also in Germany in the next four weeks okay I think sets the news from GSC in the part of SF we’ve got all other new product for arrogance and something else but I think we have another in-game event was a visit of son of an important Saudi Sheikh who came to Afghanistan and later on today to hear to my village to visit me in Pakistan hi my name is Bassam hijita ABBA


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