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Funny Paintball Moments #8

Funny Paintball Moments #8

one two three started well I said I’m achy I should here but a lot alright because you have a lot of pain no no no no no I don’t want to hear that when I I see you just right there just if you see a little pan you ready I’m play with you in a while okay with you in a while do you expect something for me do you expect from me what enough with stitches dude I don’t care if this heats that y’all throw hands with them do that black guys beginning [ __ ] dude did you see like he could easily in the end the thing like this that was horrible one of these punches let’s go I kind of like it I think I think I think this is gonna just boxing here move it master makes me stronger be stunned or none November in the video I shot bro I’ll beat you FIFA Ronaldo do a phrenology [ __ ] I’m beating people just like hockey madam oh all my mouth I know this


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