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Funny Moments from Ten-Ten Airsoft (2/21/13-2/22/13)

Funny Moments from Ten-Ten Airsoft (2/21/13-2/22/13)

hello another ginger This Means War sorry but does anybody want to volunteer to go to the other team your magazine upside down you going to on the window I wants a ball mill have I want to office on the side left watch our butts and i want to charge minus me but i want you guys lay down cover fire so we don’t get our bow set up Fabio I didn’t even understand that and I’ve been playing for five years North you did hold on what can we do well this room is a death trap now let’s see what travel down the house well let’s get right here whether it’s know where they can really enter I’ll watch back this way nobody’s likely result do they I love haha what stay out of the camera yeah hey say hi to the count now I’m going YouTube now say hi to the camera although the fossils go on top wait wait wait wait what right what you gonna say anything to the camera what’s the odds of the camera yeah so yeah we’re back here we’re standing in the teacup room yeah sorry we didn’t say dat hey wait yeah we saw one curve getting behind that power okay hey that didn’t work what oh we will accept your surrender now old later whichever is best for you now would be preferable because keys on the brew is Oliver you can walk out in a tick and we’re gonna Pat you you have a myself I decide but you stopped for yelling something I think that contemplating surrendering fools you stand no chance well up to the music their player but it’s starting to scare me why whose eyes like this I don’t want to decide now I want to die hey Jamie he hasn’t got here yeah you didn’t use like hey I want to die or else you can die James wait times hey watch this guys we have to race like Justin Bieber to get there yeah goes messing up again yeah well I didn’t even get shot you just talked down sami did him no i didn’t get hit get those barrels over there no I’m saying like a barrel of gun like stick around the corner photos bail I’m nothing about this big blue thing it is not I know every so don’t be afraid go back ok i’m making sure


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