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Funny Airsoft Rules Winter Edition

Funny Airsoft Rules Winter Edition

Don’t aim for too long. In freezing weather like this be careful about the metal parts of your gun. They may easily get stuck to moist surfaces. Be sure you don’t shoot without ammo. Remember the white BBs are not very visible in the snow.

This makes aiming quite complicated. Are you sure you want to be a sniper? Being a sniper in the harsh winter is a big risk. Especially if you’re not moving for a long time and you’re not properly dressed.

Lighting a grenade. Lighting a fire may sometimes cause unexpected consequences. Take an extra battery. Be sure to pack an extra battery, in the freezing weather it easily gets discharged. Hello my friend! I have very good batteries for you.

I see you have a problem with battery, but I have very good price for you. Show me, show me. But its winter. Winter no problem. Cold no problem. Do you have money? Because money it is problem sometimes.

Look, I have batteries. Price is sometimes problem for somebody, but not for you. Because I have very good price for you. Ok, show me. And how much? 40 dolars. Its too much. I sow last week on internet for 20.

But you are in the forest now, not on internet! Ok, so 35. 25. 30. I can tell you, you can shoot forever now. Here, 30. And which one do you want? I have these. Green one, black one. Blue one. Thank you very much.

Have a nice shooting! Thank you. Always have a source of heat with you. Be sure to always have some source of heat with you. Attendance on winter events. Airsoft events are not that popular during winter.

You may end up being by yourself.


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