Home Airsoft Reviews FULL REVIEW-UNBOXING| Cyma CM.127 |”Anti-GLOCK-Cyma 030″ +Εxtended MAGAZINE

FULL REVIEW-UNBOXING| Cyma CM.127 |”Anti-GLOCK-Cyma 030″ +Εxtended MAGAZINE

FULL REVIEW-UNBOXING| Cyma CM.127 |”Anti-GLOCK-Cyma 030″ +Εxtended MAGAZINE

she knows of school today we’re viewing an AE be Sigma cm 127 the set includes the a a B with the magazine the battery and the charger a BB loader and the cleaning rod this is an electric no blowback pistol made of polymer plastic frame and slide it weights 640 grams and the full length is 1948 savvy method which has a selective fire controls to Semyon photo and the fire selector is a foul on the rear left side of the slide it comes with an adjustable hop-up unit of will system that is located under the slide and within mounting grade we remove the slide to adjust the hop-up or to install the battery pushing the button and move it upward the magazine release button is from the left side the length of the inner barrel is tensile better six point zero eight millimeter diameter and it sits up to 200 FPS the pistol features a trigger lock safety which is on the right side of the weapon the signs are plastic who are filed with white spots the magazine is metal is the most common AP magazine it fits 2 cm 0 30 122 123 and 2 other pistols and holds 28 babies the battery is nickel metal hydride 7.

2 volt 500 millibar the charger is 7.2 volt 200 mil ever you one slice because as an a/b you can use it in low temperature also you can shoot automatic and it has the most common ad magazine so you can also fit the extended magazine feel free to ask whatever you want that you found out with your shell pool don’t forget just like comment and sub to my channel it’s really healthy as always see you on the fields


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