Home Airsoft Cheaters FULL RAGE( airsoft cheater exposed)(UNCENSORED)

FULL RAGE( airsoft cheater exposed)(UNCENSORED)

FULL RAGE( airsoft cheater exposed)(UNCENSORED)

Hey, don’t worry about hey, hey Hey, hey Chris Chris, yeah, but calm down boy calm down we got kids. Oh damn. We ain’t gotta carry on like that Watch yourself Watch yourself Whoever that is in front of you I get them so much I hit him again I hit him again just now I Hit him again just now Chris Chris watch yourself.

Don’t run it for the gun Yeah, whoever in the black jacket, I hit him enough times him and boy behind him Hey you can crawl forward Check it check it real quick Just pour it in pour it in don’t don’t pour them inside your mag that you already had And just drop that right there When you look out the window to your left gorilla right there Yeah Don’t know yet just sweeping clear All right, all right move on copy Reds I don’t see nobody here so you should people to move forward One last stubborn one!!


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