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Full Gameplay Airsoft Video @ Panther Airsoft

Full Gameplay Airsoft Video @ Panther Airsoft

Matthew: Are we going to the swampy? I’m going center Hey yo, they’re delayed start They’re delayed start, we can push up a little bit more Hey keep pushing up! *gasp* bunch of them went to the woods Matt! A bunch of them went to the woods.

Watch out! Push up! They delayed start. Push up! *gasp* Push up! Push up! *gasp* *gasp* More of them moving up to the woods on our right side! *gasp* Okay good, we got them pushed up there Where are they? I don’t see any of them.

.. K You see any? Chris: Yeah K they just moved up to the woods Is this it for our side? Hey tell those guys right behind you to push up here Chris: Hey you guys push up here Scott: hello! Sup! Scott: Where are those guys.

.. There’s a bunch of guys in the woods Um Mathews over there already and We.. We pretty much got a uh… no cross zone on this side Scott: I see Matt Yeah, Matts over there. Scott: Isn’t that guy bad? Over there.

Oh i didn’t even see him Scott: he’s like not even… Scott: 30 feet away from us Oh oh look! Oh Look! Scott: I see him (Matt does a cool move) Yeah! Instructor Zero! Come on Matt! Ha ha ha Is he shooting? Scott: Oh yeah Yeah, watch out! Coming through I got nothing here yeah We can probably move up to big spool in front you think? Scott: Whoah! Woah Hello! I’ll return fire woah ho ho! Hello! That wasn’t that direction i wanted to shot Scott: I’m going to try to move to those trees overe there eh One sec ready? Scott: yeah Go! Reloading! Teammate: Hey! Whats up? Teammate: Angle fire thats our guys Teammate: what if they shot at us? Uh? Teammate: They are firing straight through here Those guys over there are ours Teammate: I don’t know That’s yellow armband.

.. Teammate: I don’t think so No. You are getting shot at from this direction Don’t shot them. Unless you were… Scott what do you have? right there to your 12’o’clock yeah Hey careful with those guys on the side alright *gasp* Teammate: They are coming from the other side of you yep Teammate: receiving a lot of fire from that side this way right? yep Roger that Scott: You see that guy? Negative Scott: Got him! You got him? ok Goddammit! That’s empty! Oh HIT! Can we push up towards those middle spools there? See that one.

Me and you? Right there Teammate: Big one there? Yeah, big one Lets do it, lets wait for this guy to reload Johnny! We are going to pull up to the spools in front of you K yeah ready? Teammate: yep! Teammate: Covering! Go! Hell yeah! Good job! Ref: Players you got 2 mins! Johnny: You got someone on the mossy tree to the left yep Now we are at effective range for both of us ah, you good? Teammate: Yep How far can we move up here I don’t know if we can move up anymore Teammate: HIT! Oh my god Ref: Players you have 1 min! Left side! He’s pushing up towards double spool on the left side! Johnny: You watch that side Poi.

You watch my back. I got ya, i got ya *gasp* Got him! Hey yo! Push up! Push up! Left side push up if you can! Teammate: Let’s go! Hard push left lets go! Right side lets go! Push up! Push up! Push up! Ref: Games over!!! Teammate: batteries dead Yeah! Go get sum! Teammate: I got some in that push


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