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Full airsoft collection 2015 HIGH END!!!!

Full airsoft collection 2015 HIGH END!!!!

scholars back in this video it’s been a while since I uploaded 1 this is my full airsoft collection let me show you guys I am selling a few these guns also I will do trades just post in the comments I’m not selling all of them but a few of them so if you’re clear so I’m selling it just an interesting one put it in the comments I’ll do trades or sell also if you guys 10 1 on 1 review with one of these guns just tell me and I’ll be sure to have one up sometime this week just put it in the comments any questions you have put in the comments alright this is my full collection actually got my full collection but these are like my favorite guns I think should be in the video and please like and subscribe really helps me out motivates me more and these are some of my good guns and I recommend every gun that you see in this video and you won’t see any cheap guns maybe like one that’s about it all right I’m gonna start talking I’m going to get to this video all right here we have the m4 cqb Blackwater it is licensed black water is a company that makes real steel this has a lipo battery on it and it has this I put that on it to make a shoot faster also the grip it came with a DMR mag I put on this very good going electric here we have the mp5 GSG 522 full metal gun I put on the high cap because it comes with the mid-cap bigger battery I don’t believe it’s a life of that and a silencer on it next we have the kwa vector license both of these guns are license also and this is license it’s a gas gun no upgrades to this it’s still inspect one of my recent gums I got and I love this gun so much next we have the arcs by beretta license again I just have a grip on it this and i also have something to make a shoot faster i think i put in like a faster person or something something like that I forget I’m not like a tech person I don’t know anything about sex I want something done am I gonna taking someone but anyways a really good gun I had a modified he did some stuff to it so very good gun and even stock this thing shoots so fast it came out and later 2014 I love this come from us next we have the H&K ump45 I believe its license also no upgrades to this gun just stock and I like it’s very accurate in the bullets follow each other basically they’re not like spraying all over the place very good gun next we have the FN herstal license p 90 I was tinkle on Echo one but was like you know why not get a license at the rehearsal p90 very good gone I don’t use it as much as I used to it’s actually with my older grunts like a grandpa gan my collection very good gone now next we have my favorite Gaskin I have my H&K mp7 this gun I’ve been through so much with this gun and it uh it’s gas I have some critters to it I have a faster sling mount i threaded the muzzle and i have my site on there because you really i don’t know if you can do anything you guys like i said i don’t know about tech all right let’s move on to the other guns before i go to those guns I’m gonna go these are the cheaper guns down here you just see a charge shot shotgun then there’s the see-through shotgun then there’s just I don’t even know if that is a Mossberg I think and then they have another shotgun these are just my only cheap ones you’ll see all right next let’s go to the l 96 here we have an l96a1 scope on it very good gun i like it i found a really cheap one someone you know why not pick it up sheeps good i personally like it my scopes on though I mean it’s not like I don’t even other word for that my scopes not set properly so i gotta fix that next G&G m4 fully modified i’ve had so much dentist gun I came to go to into it in this video that’s probably my most modify gonna have next we have gng modified with some kwa parts on a I think the base of that it might have been a G&G I know the receivers obviously gingy the bottom receiver but that was a great gun I’m trying to think what have you I think I switch these two I can’t remember I’d have to go into i’m going to switch these two but I have other tan m4 so I’m not like stupid I mean you guys went to a celibate I have other guns I’m not sure that guns not see modified though that’s my main modified gun next we have the I think that’s G&G I forget what that is it’s a really expensive m14 i think it was like 300 very good gun i love that one so much favorite guns I’ve had and I personally I recommend that going so much i forget what brain was though but anyways next we really wants to collision call dragunov i think NK makes this or no no no king of armed scale arms Kalon is mixed that and very good gun not gas that is gas by the way that I’m for is guest that’s electric that a very good gun I personally like it if you’re gonna is very long as you can see that’s a cheesehead all right let’s go to these three guns over here here we have a very expensive overpriced ak-47 full metal real wood she was really fast I personally I like this gun so much I’ve you I’ve had it for a while alright next we have the famas this nice famas its foreign legion license forget the actual brain and makes it but it is licensed very good guns and unless you didn’t get that there we go alright comes the bipod and yeah very good gun next we have the ASG license m60 full size oh my god this comes a beast like I can’t go into this gun this gun is crazy this gun i recently got its it is so good i miss you benefit is she you go see that there we go ASG i got the real m60 muzzle brake on this so that’s kind of cool all right now we’re gonna go to the pistols all right first we have a elite force blowback fully metal pistol i’m sure everyone has one of these really the pistol nice to have the Timberwolf metal upper polymer lower let’s hope real clocks are next we have the 57 new 57 came out later 2014 plastic metal mag runs on co2 that’s green guys at co2 this is co2 also next we have I think it’s kwa m9 fully metal overpriced you ask me my main pistol let it run next we have the m93 traffic i believe it’s kwa also thickens kwa and very good green grass green gas aps there something action combat pistol acp something like that and i order this gone I did not like this gun honestly it leaks it’s very leaky they gave me a very leaky meg I did not like the scum I do not recommend this gun so after over this one installed that was very bad I guess is appropriate or not going to square this video I guess it started bad i ordered the Timberwolf cuz i personally love this gun but then i went to it and i actually I wanted this that I went to this now this is my made this later on nice to have a very cheap SWA 40 that was my first green gas pistol got it for cheap I hope you guys liked this video’s want anyone on 1 reviews with some of these guns just post in the comments you have any questions trades if you want to buy any melling all of them obviously and this post in the comments tell me what you guys think subscribe and like i’ll be uploading a lot more videos coming up airsoft war footage and i hope you guys like this video i have my next video will be a gear video of me with you and all of my gear just like up this video motivations key alright thanks guys peace I almost forgot my sty rogue this is a licensed air hog and very good gun and a plastic and I like it very good fighter speed and they’re accurate I versatile hop up pretty good on our guys peace


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