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Frost’s Multicam Loadout

Frost’s Multicam Loadout

hey guys last year bringing you a lowdown video of my update loadout all right i’ll start from the head up so what I have with my head is a emerson fast helmet which I normally on my GoPro a blend there was a little bit mixed up with GoPros the last game so I gotta get mine back so and then right here I have movie regulator goggles with cutie bungees attachments on the sides and then uh on my face I have a ghost balaclava from airsoft megastore got it for free so and then my gun is a kid wa CQ r mod 1 then i put in a Denver fence 12-inch old mega Raylan I put a bolt or I ma drip of the stock magpul m.

o.e pistol grip and macbook trigger guard and i have a kwa k120 magnet I was just shooting it so that’s why iris beauties in it so all right and then I have a my standing right outside on it alright so my vest I have or I’ll go finish my first I have a UH OD green / black shemagh because our team chaumont I’m gonna just take this off all right so that’s what it looks like all right and then uh right here i have a mac setup for one week side reload which means i have to reload with my left hand or my right hand side of my left so that’s a little bit hard to do that’s why they call the weak side reload so i have two on the strong side one week and then i have a blue force gear if Triple mag pouch right here I have a patch assess strike first strike are no mercy radiator with a fist and then on the sides I have pig elastic cumberbund to keep it nice and tight these work perfectly with this best so let’s kick this off no I’ll leave this on I really don’t care so uh I’ll just leave like that I don’t feel like stuffing that back in all right so then for my shirt I have a true spec multicam combat shirt it was a 70 bucks when i bought it so and then it’s like this color or the inside which it has a corridor outside so it’s really really tough and durable i bought this plate carrier individually because this play Kerris mad at a corridor and corridor lasts a very very long time and it’s very strong and i have a limited or i have a lifetime warranty so if it ever breaks I could just get a new one so then for my first line I have a condor battle belt with a condor belt on the inside a duty belt and then I have a pistol mag pouch right here and hold it to my speed loader and then I have another pistol my passion isn’t being used right now which would normally be used with a another pistol mag but I don’t know where I put mine right now so and then right here i have a triple mag pouch made by condor these have very nice retention so you don’t need the bungees on the top so that’s really nice and they hope three my mag brand dierker’s mags and then on the back i have a multicam dump pouch made by condor also and on my legs i have proper multicam pants they were $65 and i hope to get a knee pads soon i would be to sling also and then on my feet I have rothco boots and I bought them for seventy dollars which is a huge ripoff they’re normally like 45 so this is my loadout frost frost loadout so guys see you next time rate comment subscribe


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