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[Fr] LCT LCKS74UN AEG review – La Table Ronde airsoft (english cc)


Hi, my name is Jimmy Neveu Today I will be presenting a review of the LCT Ak74u One heck of a machine Perfect out of the box Currently shooting .30 bbs As seen you can easily shoot target in between 150 and 200 fts if I am completely honest Full metal construction A very good rate of fire feels solid Usually comes with the real wood front hand guard But I have swaped that part for an azura dynamics rail system so I could install my accessories if you want something more tactical you can take a look at the TXs74u by LCT Sadly that version is difficult to find, but you will save a lot of money and time if you decide to purchase that version instead I am using the PTS mags which are very solid With the small pistol grip I recommend you purchase the LCT Ak magwell spacer It’s a must have accessory or else you might find your reloads a bit difficult The stock can fold itself with a bit of difficulty (it’s stiff a.f) but if you want a more gerilla style it does the trick as you can see everything feels sturdy and solid the selector switch is very solid and satisfying you might need to modify the front sling attachment if you are a lefty.By the design it was conceived for right hand users so if you are a lefty you will need to use a ti wrap or something to fix that issu and that are pretty much my only complaints it’s the second one that I own so that is why I wanted and LCT version of the ak74u instead of cyma the first Ak I owned was a long version of the 06 so for CQB this version is ideal and even for outdoor use : you will easily reach your targets like any other premium aeg For the hop up adjustment : very easy, like any V3 gearbox You have a small rode goint from the front to the back depending on the adjustment you want to make it’s a very precise rode it took me about 10 minutes to adjust it and once it’s set you are good to go it was on point so you need to be very delicate for an optimal setting For the battery of this model, since we have a skeleton crane stock you open up the top portion of the aeg and the type you want to use is an Ak stick as you can see it fits perfectly I have no difficulties inserting it I even managed to use a traditional M4 lipo in it so if you dont have an ak stick, your small stick m4 lipo should work just fine be careful as you close up the top portion : you dont want to brake any of the cables Don be afraid to tap it a bit (it can take it) to secure everything in place and now the
magwell spacer usually you can see the gearbox you can purchase the magwell spacer for about 25 or 35 CAS $ depending on the store The pistol grip by pts for a bigger version then the stock grip it’s a very confortable grip way more ergonomic then the original one very pleasant to use pretty much all the products by pts are very good and solid I had to remove the original skates from the grip so the pts grip would stay in place but once in place it stays there without any wobble We will not demonstrate the firing capacity of this aeg with .30 madbull bbs in semi automatic pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew Now for the full auto part the more serious section of this review if I still have bbs …of course, no bbs left (tactical reload) And now we are going to show you some live game play of the ak in action He’s fucking far .


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