Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome on AIRSOFT REVIEW So we find ourselves to discover the 2nd episode dedicated to the upgrade of the AAC T10 replica brand ACTION ARMY. Upon receipt of the replica, we also received the upgrade parts to allow us to offer you a video showing the capabilities of this replica with parts also of the brand ACTION ARMY and that many of you already uses on their replica.

Let’s discover these ACTION ARMY brand upgrade parts: We start with a precision barrel in 6.01 diameter of 430 mm Hopup block with ALLEN screw adjustment, we will keep the original seal for this upgrade A bearing spring guide We received a spring M130 but that gives a power of 475 FPS in 0,20 with this upgrade, so we decided to pass on a spring M120 of 11 mm which will not be of the mark ACTION ARMY The SPECIALIZED TRIGGER SET 90 ° includes reinforced piston and BOX trigger for playing with high power springs.

Now let’s go to the assembly of these upgrade parts on the replica. We start by mounting the original hop up seal on the precision barrel. Then we assemble the block HOP UP, recover the clamping ring of the barrel and slide it on the barrel We assemble the block HOP UP to the barrel equipped with the seal and we hold it by the 3 screws.

We then insert the RUBBER and finish with the spring-mounted adjustment system. Take the set and insert the inside of the outer barrel, not forgetting the original BARREL SPACER which will stabilize the inner barrel.

We now go to the reinforced TRIGGER BOX on which we can see the lack of safety but also the positioning of the trigger adjustment screw is reversed It is necessary to disassemble the rear fixing flange of the trigger box to install it on the receiver.

We continue this upgrade by replacing the piston, the spring guide and the spring with the upgrade parts We take the assembly that is inserted in the original cylinder, attention to the seal during installation.

We close the cylinder with its head that is firmly tightened. All that remains is to insert the cylinder into the receiver and lock with the sear. Put the set back on the body and your replica is ready to shoot.

the result at 70 meters in BBS 0.36 GR of the mark ASG, one obtains very pleasant results. We see the difference with the 6.01 internal barrel and all the elements of the upgrade, the original HOP UP seal is at its maximum performance and will probably have to be changed to another more efficient model.

The upgrade greatly improves the performance of this replica given its original power of 295 FPS. The shots hit the target almost every time, with the exception of one or two BBS passing right and left but due to my lack of stability.

But with the installation of a BIPOD it will increase the performances. We go to the second test to see if we can get shots touching at 75 meters and still in BBS 0.36 GR because the joint HOP UP can not lift the BBS 0.

40 Gr over this distance. At 75 meters I touch the target and mainly the lower body, it shows that the BBS is at the end of the trajectory. She follows her path well at the beginning and goes down again.

this remains very good performance for a sniper type replica. Here is the review of the upgrade of the AAC T10 and transmitted by our partner AIRSOFTZONE completed. Thanks to Soline and her team for allowing us to present these changes on this replica.

Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner in the description of the video. Do not forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel and Facebook Page is counting on you. I’ll see you soon! bye bye We pass the test at 70 meters with the AAC T10 upgraded, you could see in detail of the assembled parts that only the joint HOP UP has not been changed.

We will test in BBS 0.36 GR at a distance of 70 meters and see the results.


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