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English subtitles available Hello and welcome on AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet again today to discover a novelty that was transmitted to us by our partner G & G Armament. So what is this new product 2018 that G & G armament allows us to make you discover? This is the TR16 MBR 308 SR that some have seen on recent events like the IWA 2018 This replica is one of the latest innovations to their range of replicas equipped with the ETU (the ELECTRONIC TRIGGER UNIT) but also any new technology ADVANCED G2H that we could see very widely on social networks.

What do you find in the package? The replica is well maintained in its polystyrene housing, a Mag G2 40 BBS, a cleaning rod, a stick type BBLOADER its user manual and a leaflet catalog. Let’s move on to the exterior design of this TR16 MBR 308 SR.

So we start on a base of type AR largely revamped by G & G, either by the sharp curves of the UPPER and LOWER its KEYMOD compatibility and its impressive tactical handguard block while remaining very pleasant to grip and ended with its unusual flame cache The elements that catch the eye on the outside is the size of the loader housing hosting MAG type 308 giving it its name.

A very long and imposing look while adapting to different types of players. This replica weighs 3060 gr with the MAG for 860 mm to 950 mm crosse deployed. Let’s explore the outdoors in more detail: It is therefore composed of a very long openwork flash hider entering the RIS and mounted in 14 mm anti-clockwise on an external metal barrel Its 16-inch ALUMINUM anodized CNC rail receiving the KEYMOD system and a superior picatinny rail, players will be able to install all the accessories of their choice, such as the G & G brand 45 ° aluminum handle.

Two detachable, adjustable and adjustable metal sights. Its UPPER and LOWER are made of metal of very good quality guaranteeing the solidity of this one and receiving a rather aggressive design. It includes the official markings of the mark as well as the identification of the G2H ADVANCED technology and the unique serial number.

We then discover the usual ambidextrous elements such as the firing selector, the charger eject button and the arming lever giving access to the HOPUP setting via the dummy cartridge ejection window. The bolt catch is functional on this replica when setting the HOP-UP.

Then its ergonomic polymer handle fits perfectly in the hand His detent type SPEED metal that reinforces the look of the replica and the metal trigger guard. Its STOCK type CRANE polymer, adjustable in 5 positions thanks to its quick locking system and rotating butt heel to install your battery.

There is also a QD slot but also very useful housing for your batteries. An ambidextrous metal strap fastener Then ends with its Mag G2 patented 40 BBS with specific dummy bullets that line and ornate moldings of the brand but also 7.

62 x51 Now let’s move on to internal features: This replica receives the new GEARBOX V2 G2H equipped with the ETU, the electronic trigger unit and a mosfet Let’s discover all this with the official video G & G Armament translated by our care in French It receives an inner barrel in 6.

08 of 400mm mounted on a hopup block with plastic thumbwheel It is advised by G & G Armament to use this replica to the LIPO We go to a target test at 20 meters in BBS 0.25G LIPO 11.1V and we will aim the head of the character to know the accuracy of this replica Let’s test in FULL AUTO mode The replica allows programming in BURST 3 BBS, the setting is simple.

The MAG + BBS + BATTERY up Set the shooting selector to SEMI and press 10 seconds trigger to hear the BEEP sound and switch to FULL AUTO to shoot in BURST 3 BBS To return to the FULL AUTO setting, set the SEMI shot selector and press the trigger for 10 seconds and once the BEEP sound is reached, the FULL AUTO is active again.

Let’s go to programming in BURST 5 BBS, set the selector of shooting of the SEMI and make 5 times the selection on the position FULL AUTO 5 times, the BIP sound long will announce the programming, pass in FULL AUTO to play in BURST 5 BBS To return to the FULL AUTO setting, set the SEMI shot selector and press the trigger for 10 seconds and once the BEEP sound is reached the FULL AUTO is active again.

We pass the target test at 50 meters in BBS 0.30G LIPO 11.1v We will test in BURST 3 BBS mode On this distance, we can notice a loss of precision and a change of the inner barrel would do him the greatest good.

In negative: Only one point was raised is the obligation to have to leave the gerbox of the replica to access the quick spring change. An aggressive look and very pleasant handling. A MAG increasing the charm of this replica.

A high performance G2H gearbox and a very good internal. Shooting performance and honorable accuracy Here is the review of the TR16 MBR 308 SR from G & G Armament completed. You can find this product in all G & G dealer shops Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner in the description of the video.

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