English subtitles available Hello and welcome AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover the latest camera from RUNCAM and useful to airsoft players This is the RUNCAM 2 Airsoft version, its 35 mm lens kit and its support for replicas We did not know this brand at all, but we are happy to offer you an essential accessory for your SCOPECAM videos This new camera RUNCAM 2 is very similar to the design of some existing cameras on the market but also offers specific accessories Detail package Let’s discover together the contents of the package So we have the black color camera, its 35mm lens directly mounted in place of the original lens and its protective cover Its 3.

7v 850mAh Li-ion battery Two video cables that will allow you to view your videos on a portable screen during your downtime A USB charging cable directly on the camera or transfer your data from the SD card to your PC A bag containing a spare sun visor, a small drawstring, a clip for the camera mount for installation on a camera tripod The ABS mount for mounting the camera but also the support provided and specific to the replica equipped with a picatinny rail Then the extra picatinny ring holder to fit your camera to the sniper replica.

Its user manual can also be downloaded from the official RUNCAM website Package does not include SD card visual detail Let’s take a closer look at the camera! The RUNCAM 2 is made of an ABS thermoplastic blend, its surface is matt and the coating is UV treated and wear resistant Its design is sober but classy, its size of 81 mm in length to 38 mm in width and 21 mm in thickness allows it to mount on your replica in a discreet way.

It weighs 61.7 gr with the 35 mm lens Its original 35 mm lens allows it to obtain a usable zoom for airsoft and SCOPECAM whether on a DMR or SNIPER replica And its holes for sound on both sides of the camera technical detail Let’s move on to the operating characteristics of the RUNCAM 2 airsoft version.

It is therefore equipped with a lens 35 mm FOV 10 °, the sensor resolution is 4 megapixels It has 4 video resolutions which are: – The 1920 * 1440 30 FPS – The 1080P 60 or 30 FPS – The 720P 120 FPS or 60 FPS – The 640 x 480 VGA Video files will be saved in MOV format It also offers photo options in Burst mode, Time -lapse and simple photo but also the video mode in Time-lapse which will be used very little in the practice of airsoft but which allow after the installation of a single lens use of the camera for other activities The storage of the RUNCAM is obtained by adding a minimum class 6 SD micro card and a maximum capacity of 64 GB Its battery of 850 mAh will be housed in the back and will have a range of 90 min in 720P 120 FPS video and 60 min in 1080P 60 FPS For gamers wishing to have a maximum of autonomy will be able to feed the camera directly by a POWERBANK or then by batteries of types LIPO on the Micro USB port The camera is capable of supporting 5 to 17V for power The nice point of this camera is the WIFI function that will allow you to view your videos offline or live on smartphone but also to change the settings via the application available on ANDROID and IOS A manual or automatic reversal setting of the video capture is available.

Mounting camera supports Let’s discover the supports and mount to use this RUNCAM 2 version airsoft on your replicas. So first we have the frame that will have to be assembled with the lockable picatinny block screws Then we insert the camera in the mount which will block it correctly Then two options are available to you, either you use this first mount directly on the picatinny rail of your replica or then you mount the picatinny ring on the outer barrel of your replica then the picatinny block and the mount on the ring This will allow you to quickly use your camera on your long AEG replica or on your Sniper replica and all without having to dismount every time Start UP camera Let’s discover the camera control switches.

It is equipped with 2 switches: – The POWER switch that will be used to turn on the camera and also to activate the recording at the touch of a button – that of the start of the WIFI allowing to connect to the application on smartphone but also to change capture mode whether it is video photo and the different settings on a remote screen TEST CAMERA Let’s go to the test with the camera mounted on a Sniper replica, the target is 60 meters away.

We will use the smartphone app to start the video recording. The recording is stopped, the button is fixed. On the smartphone, at the bottom left is the icon for viewing recorded videos. there is a latency during the transfer to the smartphone You can see the video taken at the moment, which is a big advantage for this camera.

This allows to adjust the angle of view after the first tests but also to watch these videos during the time of non-play We go to the second test on a replica AEG DMR camera mounted on picatinny rail.

The replica is currently being modified and therefore unstable in terms of shooting performance. I cut the video recording, the performance of the replica is not nice, but it is only the test of the camera that interests us.

The smartphone app is nice to use, the video quality is very good for SCOPECAM video montages. The brightness of the location is low that can reduce the quality of HD, but outside the quality is optimal as shown in our tests in GAME.

TEST IN GAME POSITIVE / NEGATIVE POINTS negative: A somewhat low battery An absence of protection against moisture that could damage the camera. The somewhat low mount because in our tests the end of the locking clip to break, but this does not prevent the blockage of the camera positive: An image quality that allows beautiful video editing.

A very nice camera by its features and quality. A complete kit for quick use on our replicas The ability to power the camera continuously with a POWERBANK. A smartphone application in WIFI which allows a visualization of the videos quickly Here is the review of the camera RUNCAM 2 Version airsoft from RUNCAM ended.

You can find this product on the official website RUNCAM at a price of 123.31 euro or in 50 mm version at 139.86 euro Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! I’ll see you soon! BYE BYE


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