English subtitles available Hello and welcome on AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a novelty that was transmitted to us by our partner Evolution International The product transmitted today is part of one of their brand which is Evolution Airsoft in the range COMBAT SERIES EVOLUTION RECON.

This is the replica RECON UX3 13.5 INCH CARBONTECH What do you find in the package? The replica is well maintained in its molded cardboard housing, a Mag metal 300 BBS, an additional spring E120 and its user manual There is also a certificate of tests and checks carried out before shipment which allows to receive a compliant and functional product Let’s move on to the exterior design of this RECON Replica.

On the basis of an AR manufactured under the name CARBONTECH a high quality polymer, but also a very impressive RIS allowing to install your accessories on the different rails picatinny The whole of the replica seems solid and presents no game either at the level of the body or the stock This replica weighs 3kg with the MAG for 755 mm to 840 mm stock deployed Let’s explore the outdoors in more detail: It is therefore composed of a metal flame cover mounted in 14 mm anti-clockwise on an external aluminum CNC barrel Its 305 mm ALUMINUM CNC rail receiving 3 picatinny rails including 3 small on the end of the reef, players will be able to install all the accessories of their choice and 2 QD slots We can note the absence of additional rails in the package Two detachable, foldable and adjustable ABS sights Its UPPER and LOWER CARBONTECH are in high quality polymer guaranteeing the strength of it, a small trace of molding appears on the feeder well but does not interfere with the operation of the replica It includes the range and the Evolution Airsoft brand as well as the unique serial number that corresponds to the manufacturer’s test sheet.

Then we discover the usual elements: the firing selector, the charger eject button and the arming lever giving access to the setting of the HOPUP by the ejection window dummy cartridge The bolt catch is not functional on this replica Then its polymer pistol grip covered with its stippling molded effect and allowing quick access to the engine without tools while leaving the possibility to adjust the motor clamping and named FAST DETACH Its stock allows a 6-position adjustment quickly and equipped with a QD location, the buffer tube is metal and will house your battery It can be seen the absence of strap attachment on the buffer tube Then we finish with his Mag 300 BBS metal.

Now let’s move on to internal features: This replica receives a reinforced GEARBOX V2 ready to receive the E.T.S (the electronic trigger system of the brand Evolution airsoft) The intern is equipped: – HIGH TORQUE long axis motor – Reinforced steel gears with delayer – a rolling spring guide – A piston head, cylinder head, polymer nozzle – A steel teeth polymer piston – A red brass cylinder – 8 mm Bearings The GEARBOX allows a quick change of spring by removing only the tube buffer to access it It receives an internal barrel in 6.

01 brass of 340mm mounted on a hopup block with wheel in ABS which allows a better operation in cold weather EVOLUTION AIRSOFT equips the original replica with an E100 spring giving a power of 330 FPS in 0.

20 and an additional spring E120 which allows to increase the power to 400 FPS The springs that make up this replica are manufactured by EVOLUTION AIRSOFT in Italy The manufacturer announces that this replica is capable of supporting lipo 11.

1V which we will test to know its responsiveness and cadence Let’s go to the test 20 meters in BBS 0.25 gr 11.1V LIPO SPRING E100 on target, we will aim the head to know the precision of this replica Let’s go to the test in BBS 0.

25 gr 11.1V LIPO SPRING E100 on target at 50 meters Let’s go to the test in BBS 0.28 gr 11.1V LIPO SPRING E120 on target at 60 meters Let’s go to Negative and Positive points: positive: A well finished and pleasant replica.

An internal barrel in 6.01 which is rare on replicas at the end of the package and which gives very good performances A reinforced V2 gearbox giving complete satisfaction on these performances. The presence of an extra spring for players wishing to increase the power of the replica negative: A slight spring noise during shots.

An absence of the original ETS that could increase the performance and make even more reliable the internal of this replica. The absence of rails in addition to install a few more accessories The lack of a strap fastener on the buffer tube Evolution airsoft offers 10 models with only CARBONTECH body and 2 models with body and RIS in CARBONTECH Here is the review of the RECON UX3 13.

5 inches CARBONTECH brand EVOLUTION AIRSOFT completed Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! I’ll see you soon! BYE BYE


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