English subtitles available Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW to discover this first episode specific to a brand new replica. We meet again to discover a new product transmitted by our partner AIRSOFTZONE.COM It’s the AAC T10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle brand ACTION ARMY which is one of the most appreciated brands of players for their high quality upgrade parts either for AEG or SNIPE and which hits hard by putting on the market this replica with the well-defined character The recent craze for sniping fans gives these replicas a fate all traced and with the possibilities of upgrade and reliability very quickly with the VSR10 type parts also offered by ACTION ARMY The replica is delivered in its cardboard reinforced by its polystyrene housing protecting very well the replica, one also finds a very detailed manual of use but no translation in French, a mag 50 bbs translucide and a dummy MAG We will not find a BBLOADER, or a cleaning rod or extra picatinny rails in this package We can immediately realize the unusual aspect of this replica by its design very worked and cut to get this aggressive look but keeping a very nice ergonomics.

The majority of elements are matte colors increasing its discretion during your games Action Army has to accentuate its tactical side by adding these slots for picatinny rails but unfortunately as an option Its look is really nice and really out of the ordinary which is already a big plus for this replica The outer barrel is metal and receives a thread allowing to install a silent adapter The receiver is made from a single-piece injected alloy that receives a 135 mm top rail to mount your precision scope The bolt handle is alloy and big enough for a good grip during reloading and its safety identical to the VSR10 The body is in very good quality nylon fiber showing from rough surface location but also from 3 zones to accessorize your replica with threaded slots for picatinny rails but only those optional available at ACTION ARMY as the slots have a specific shape to the brand the body extends to the location for the MAG 50 BBS VSR10 compatible but also to the dummy MAG which will allow him to store a MAG inside in its continuity the body reveals its ergonomic handle very pleasant grip receiving ACTION marking ARMY and to finish on a butt with an adjustable cheek rest with its height adjustment knob and lockable by its lower screw the buttstock is finalized by a BUTT PLATE rubber adjustable thanks to these wedges in options The replica also offers 6 QD slot to install your strap As a whole the replica is well balanced and its ergonomics are pleasant The replica measures 107 cm for a weight of 2.

9 Kg not equipped which is similar to other replicas of the same type this replica is available in DARK EARTH and BLACK color Let’s go to the test chrony balls 0.20 Gr, the replica is given to 0.72 joules with this weight We go to a test at 40 meters in BBS 0.

20 GR on target to know the precision and range of this replica, the first tests at 45 meters allowed to hit the target but at the bottom and not on the upper body we will test the accuracy targeting the head of the target at 0.

20 GR which may be complicated given the low basis weight and the lack of stability of the BBS, we will then test in BBS 0.25 GR. the BBS pass to the left and right of the target’s head, the grammage does not allow a good stability BBS 0.

20 Gr do not allow effective precision on the bust of the target the accuracy is correct but not on the head for shots on the bust of the target this is perfect by contrast the precision shots on the target’s head are inconclusive we will try one last time a shot on the head of the target the shots to the head go to a few centimeters but I’m not precise enough in BBS 0.

20 GR to 40 meters, so we will go to BBS 0.25 GR while knowing that there is a risk of losing distance with this basis weight we go to tests on target in BBS 0.25 GR to 40 meters, we risk a loss of distance given its power of 295 FPS.

During our tests before filming that we meet very easily jams at the setting HOPUP, pay attention to the quality of these BBS (BBS classic army used during our tests) the innerl barrel is in 6.03 with the seal AAC original.

the BBS goes up a lot to come down quickly on the target, I’ll add a notch on the hopup setting. The setting is quite hard but can not be changed during the game I add another step to the setting to get to the stuffing point.

We are on the verge of blocking BBS in the hopup We will soon have a blocking of BBS because the BBS have a strange trajectory and a very small distance, I add another step to the HOPUP we reached the BBS blocking threshold in the hopup, the BBS went straight to the ground 2 meters from the firing zone I will remove a notch at setting With one less notch on the setting, the BBS retouches the target but down the shot is passed between the legs of the target and I remove 2 notches at the setting I hit the bottom of the target As soon as I increase the setting of the hop up, we quickly come to a blocking of the BBS in the HOPUP the trajectory of the BBS is straight, the HOPUP effect is correct, no effect of SIDE SPIN either on the right or left which is very positive.

I will try to aim between the head and the bust of the target I hit the target at the bust the trajectory is straight, the inner barrel does its job very well, it will have to go through an upgrade to have higher performance and pass over the 295 FPS which can be low for players playing 450 FPS usually, cons it will be usable in CQB without any worries let’s move on to the positive and negative points : Positive: a replica with an irresistible and ergonomic look.

A high quality exterior finish and solid materials. Pleasant performance considering the low power of origin A possibility of upgrading with full compatibility of the VSR10 part including that proposed by ACTION ARMY.

A very good replica base snipe for players wishing to discover this practice and can increase their performance easily In negative: A replica whose power is too weak for the majority of players generally playing at 450 FPS.

A passage through an upgrade to get more enjoyable performance in terms of scope. The lack of accessories like picantinny rails in the package Here is the first review of the AAC T10 Bolt Sniper Action Rifle and transmitted by our partner AIRSOFTZONE completed Thanks to Soline and her team for allowing us to present this product See you soon for the second episode of this replica, because yes we will offer you the upgrade with ACTION ARMY parts to have an even more efficient replica Find all AIRSOFT REVIEW links in the description of the video.

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