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[FR/EN] Steyr Aug a3 Airsoft Review – Mannlicher

[FR/EN] Steyr Aug a3 Airsoft Review – Mannlicher

Hello guys, this is vanya377 and i’m gonna show you a review of this aug a3, that’s a Steyr Aug a3 The manufacturer is Steyr Mannlicher, and the exporter is ASG The airsoft lenght is 770 mm (77cm) The airsoft lenght is 770 mm (77cm) it weighs 3.

6 Kilos it weighs 3.6 Kilos it weighs 3.6 Kilos it’s .. a little bit heavy but here, you can place a tactical sling i will buy one The magazine capacity is 330 pellets … The Muzzle Energy is 1.2 Joules and the Muzzle Velocity is around 330 fps 100 MS with .

20g pellets … I also bought a dot sight with my airsoft it’s written on the box written on the box written on the box adjustable with.. a hex key but we do not care, I’m reviewing the Aug not the dot sight.

. 28 00:01:26,670 –> 00:01:31,570 when I received the box that was like that … I’ve also a catalog of lilifolies … two shooting targets the second one is already placed where I will shoot with the aug .

.. A Ni-Mh Battery that’s not a good one, 1400 mAh 1400 mAh and 8.4 Volt 8.4 Volt form ASG anyway this one is not the best one I will buy a lipo, those are much better a battery charger I show you the specifications if someone want to know it I do not know if this charger show when the battery is charged with the little light here tactical grip, great one, aesthetically and tactilly Just have to screw if you want to place it on your airsoft Here the 330 pellets magazine Full plastic (ABS) there is better unlike the airsoft.

. cause the aug is really great 100 pellets .20g normally with LILIFOLIES when you buy an airsoft they give you 2000 free pellets it’s written 1J but that’s 1,2J place for the strap here and there, you can also change the side of the piece This part is on metal Rails, the barrel.

.. the front side the back part is made of plastic, but that’s a good plastic… unlike the magazine here here there is the security, one push to turn it on or off. It unlock the trigger behind this rubber part, there is the adjustable hop-up .

.. … … now you can set it Picatinny rails 20 millimeters … even my 21 mm dot sight can be mounted on my aug the orange part… here the emplacement to place the battery … the cleaning rod … .

.. Now I will proceed to the shooting test [SECOND PART] There is like 3 meters between me and the target … … … … you must put like 50 pellets minimum because… I show you.. here there is a tank of 30 pellets you put pellets here put and close if you put less than 30 pellets it won’t work .

.. you won’t be able to turn the wheel with this HiCap magazine you have to put 50 pellets at least (that’s a HiCap, so its entended to contain like 300 pellets) … I put the magazine in my airsoft I will shoot 3.

5 meters of the target you can see the aug with the magazine don’t forget to push in order to disable security … in that position it’s disabled there is no fire selector because that’s a dual trigger .

.. just push it to shoot one per one or push more to full automatic fire at the beginig I will fire one per one pellet Ready ? … … … now full automatic fire pellets go throw the sheet … I found a can .

.. … I forgot to screw the wheel … It was a cylinder, now that’s nothing … I will kill it ! Dead.. We can see that pellets are going throw the can so the review is finished you can ask a question, I will answer you under 24 hours just, I can not answer about the gears, cause I’m a like a beginner in airsoft and I do not know the name of those.

. do not forget the security. and thank you guys for watching good buy ! just, here, be careful because if you push a little more, the airsoft could come of in two parts so, to fix it, just push a little more this side .

.. and you won’t have any problems … … … … … Bye Click on the gun to watch its review, you can also click on the red title to subscribe to my channel


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