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[Fr] Dawn of the asylum – Sainte Clotilde de Horton airsoft gameplay asylum – English sub

[Fr] Dawn of the asylum –  Sainte Clotilde de Horton airsoft gameplay asylum – English sub

I am Briand Durand from Blacksmurf team, you are watching LTR Airsoft Dalton : for now, nothing is happening Dalton : their is someone upstairs on the left of the chimney moving from one windows to the other Dalton : and someone downstairs Dalton : if we rush all together .

.. Balou : go Dalton : … some of us will pass Balou : take the squad, I will stay behind with Irish Team mate : inaudible Dalton : or move up to our position and we will follow Balou : watch on your righ; you can pass on the right Dalton : the trees are our only cover Dalton : guys, you should try to move up towards the door Team mate : can you cover us ? Dalton : guys, lets get them a suppressive fire Team mate : pick a window and shoot ! Dalton : go now, go go go ! Dalton : advance to our position ! Marsu : Irish, take cover behind that ledge Team mate : inaudible Balou : status ? Team mate : NATO is getting in by the right side, Team mate : I spotted a couple on the left, Team mate : our squad is inside, Team mate : the rest I dont know Team mate : we’re inside guys, lets go Team mate : get upstairs guys Dalton : do you have intel ? Dalton: information, documents ? NATO soldier : here you go, it’s what I have Dalton : shit Dalton : Irish ? Irish : Yes ? Dalton : wheres Balou ? Balou : yeah ? Dalton : I found some intel, put it in Irish back pack Balou : what’s the intel, can we open it up ? Dalton : No, it’s a .

.. Balou : it’s a damn plan, euh … we need to bring it back to base Dalton : come on Irish Dalton : civilians. Should we take them as hostage ? Balou : take that and back up Dalton : civilians ? Dalton : the supreme leader will be pleased Balou : hold on a second Dom Dalton : do you find them padded ? Dalton : is there a bomb ? Good work Balou Balou : on your knees, lets not complicate things Dalton : you haven’t seen anything that could interest us ? Like pieces of a bomb or someone ? Dalton : let’s play a new game : Dalton : it’s called : if the hostage gets out of the circle, shoot it Balou : I like this game Dalton : we’ll be back Balou : contact at the end of the corridor Dalton : I don’t want to die here Vince, I don’t want to die.

Balou: don’t worry you won’t Dalton : it’s cold and ugly, I don’t wont to die here Vince Balou : that’s what I told your Mom (lol) Dalton : LTR, out. Let’s flank Dalton : guys, guys Dalton : they are right around that corner Dalton : you can see them trough the holes in the wall Dalton : their is also one beside the stairway Dalton : you need two guys with different angles, a grenade in the other room and you are good Dalton : LTR, we need to support their engagement Balou : contact ! They are engaging Balou : O.

K, double kill; Marsu : good kills, good kills Dalton : come on Irish, move up Dalton: got him Balou : where ? Dalton : behind the trees Balou : they arn’t down Dalton : who ? Balou : your contact Balou : they are falling back Marsu : got one Balou : good job Dalton : guys, guys, guys, under you! Under you ! Balou : NATO is getting in from the basement Balou : we need to get out Balou : Irish and Snare, stay here you’re the ones with the ammo Balou : Mars, fall back with Dalton Irish : I only need to guys to hold the fort with me Mars : where’s Dom ? Balou : Right there Irish : I still got intel Balou : yeah ? Ok wait.

Irish: I want to give it to someone Balou : Mars, come back here just a sec Balou : If you go – keep that on you – Balou : ok, so you’re staying here ? Balou : bellow you and behind you you still got some back up Balou : but I don’t know their status Irish : I can see them they are just there dont worry Mars : we must go Balou :yeah i’m right behind you Balou : they need back up inside now ! Mars : hey, are we winning ? Balou : pretty much yeah Balou : but this isn’t over Dalton : it’s not Balou : we still have 3 hours to go


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