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[Fr] Condor Summit Zero softshell jacket overview and review – LTR airsoft – English sub


Hi everyone, I am Vince from LTR Airsoft and today I present you the Condor Summit Zero, a soft shell and water repellent jacket that you can use in the rain and the snow It’s lightweight fabric makes it ideal for any seasons, even summer It’s a tactical type of jacket wich means it offers many advantages that only this kind of jacket can Let’s start with the front pockets that are notable on the front of the jacket These are napoleon style type of pockets Inside you will find that you have a lot of space and it’s also there that you will find the retention system wich allows you to adjust the hood in the back of the jacket The napoleon pockets differs from the usual types of pockets wich are usually at the bottom Will permit you to adjust you equipment from the inside for exemple : by a cold day, like today, I would have probably put a heat pack inside the pockets creating a heat zone where I can rest my hands Even with a plate carrier, wich I will show you later, you can still access these pockets and use them like you would normally do without having to take off your plate carrier wich can be a bit of a pain and if you are the kind that wear minimalist plate carriers, like the Sentry, the JPC, or the FCPC you have a ton of space under the jacket, so you can wear you PC inside and outside.You of course have many pockets everywhere on the jacket Like this wrist pocket where I stock my medic tools since I often play the medic role during airsoft games and using these pockets allows me to clear my plate carrier from all these ”other tool” and keep it to the basics You can also find pockets in the back of the jacket, and on both inside panels we have 2 pockets on each side, one that is closed and the other made out of a mesh materiel So if storing is something important to you, this jacket has everything that you need I have been wearing this jackets on a daily basis for over a year in a half now and what I find interesting is On the field and in my personal life : it’s my go to jacket I use it when it’s raining or on day like today where the temperature is around 0 and the snow isn’t pouring down The soft shell materiel makes the jacket flexible and water repellent Take note that this jacket, even if it says ”water” repellent, is not the best at it The zippers, for example, wont keep the water out So if you are planning to stay 12 hours straight in the rain, you might want to consider picking something else up But
for all the other activities, like Airsoft, paintball, or whatever you plan to do and that you expect this kind of temperature, this jacket will handle it just fine Of course, you can adjust everything on this coat so that it can fit you as you like The wrists, for exemple, are fully ajustable.I personally prefer when they are tightly closed so this way I am sure no wind will come from that side So I have a maximum of confort that I con fully control Each side of the arms allows you to attach your morale patches that uses velcro for exemple, I use our team patch on the right side, and the canadien and Quebec flags on the left side These are of course the patches that I use, you can use whichever you like to wear personally Please take note that this jacket isn’t subtil The tactical style makes you look like an off duty cop or a security guard If you plan on using this as your everyday jacket, or as you outdoor jacket, good for you, it’s a good jacket but if you are the kind of guy that often goes to the airport, maybe you should think about wearing something else So the tactical element makes it less subtil As you can see, the jacket fits my body very well and the plate carrier positions itself like a glove I am very conferrable the way everything is adjusted to my body versus a scenario where I would be wearing a big sweat shirt of a large coat that would make me bulky and would probably make my experience less interesting and less confortable Like I said earlier, I still have access to the front pockets even with my plate carrier on and to everything I would have stored inside those pockets I mostly use these pockets this way to keep my hands warm I am earing you say : Vince, wear gloves (you twat!) But sometimes, even with the gloves on, a cold day can get trough easily Of course I could wear thermal gloves, but in this case where I only have a pair of Impacts by mechanix wear I will need to put my hands in those pockets The hood can be stored inside the collar, so you are not obligated to keep it outside the jacket The hood is fully adjustable by using the bungee cords located inside the front pockets In the same way that north face, the hood presents a little cap wich will keep the water out of your face and an other feature from the hood is the fact that it’s built large and I mean by that it’s that the hood is not claustrophobic to wear In conclusion, I recommend this jacket for Airsoft and any other
outdoor activities Because it’s not really expensive : I got mine for around 100$ CAD, and you could pick up the Fleece version for just over 150$ I would pick this jacket anytime because it’s made out of a flexible soft shell materiel, the fact that it’s light weight and small wich permits you to layer up, like I said earlier I am wearing a wool shirt underneath It’s also a water repellent jacket, but take note that if you are planning on wearing this when it’s pouring down rain I don’t recommend using this jacket but for any other environment, like small fog, a little bit of snow, or a little rain, this is the perfect choice If you do not want to layer up, the Fleece version exist and fulfill the needs of those who don’t want to bang there head on extra layers The summit zero features a lot of storing pockets So if you are like me and you like to compartmentalize all of your gear it is an option you can of course display any morale patch that you have using the side velcro sections wich gives you that tactical look, but make you less subtil in public The hood features a cap wich keeps the rain out of your face and that is not claustrophobic, permitting you to have a good field of view without you having to adjust or turn your head Finally, you can wear your plate carrier on the jacket without having the bulky feeling that a big coat would bring you I personally passed a lot of time adjusting everything following my specification and I couldn’t be happier with the way it is set up at the moment So the Condor Summit Zero, wich you can find the details on the Condor website (links in the description) or any other stores where you usually bye your equipment If you have any question or comments, let us know in the comment section and like always, thanks for watching and see you next time


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