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[Fr] Aventure Airsoft Lanaudière Airsoft Gameplay – LTR Airsoft – English sub

[Fr] Aventure Airsoft Lanaudière Airsoft Gameplay – LTR Airsoft – English sub

”I need someone” – Yeah, leave him there, leave him – We need to push so we can cover the medic – It’s clear we need to take some ground, then we deff the medic Movements on the right We need to get out of this position we are useless – O.

K, Gael we need to back up on their positions BALOU where are you ? ok there Over there, over there ! Ennemies over there ! ”I’il dig myself there Ok, that one is down Dalton, Mars, Snare : fall back with the rest of the team ”We need to get out” – Shoot, shoot shoot Get the fuck out OK, they are falling back Move up guys He’s down, In the tree line – (bump) Are you okay ?- yeah i’m good Stay there I’m on my way guys Got opforce on my ass We need to climb this now ”move up guys” ”Get some distance between you” ” GO GO GO ” ”Move, move move” ”Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ”they are coming from that ledge over there” We are bringing you back up ”Contact on our 12” In our back ! Dont climb, don’t climb 3, 2, 1 CLIMB You’re up ? Good We can place guys in over there and leave some here to check our back if they try to flank us ”True shit; wan’t to stay to defend ? ” Gael should stay there, he could snipe This is not a coffee break, they might try to engage us right about now ”Contact on our 12!” I got mouvement on our left side : THEY ARE FLANKING LEFT ” Go go go, we need to defend the right” There, and also in our back ”contact” ”MOUVEMENT LEFT FLANK” Mars: Dalton, take your side Dalton : I dont see him Dalton : Move up.

Dalton : they got the same idea that we did : Contact upfront, shoot ! Mars : ‘got to reload, cover Contact 12 Dalton : Mars, I’il cover you, move up Mars :You want me to move ? Dalton : a bit, stick on the right Snare : Contact on the road, HIT! Mars : fuck, snare is down Dalton : Balou, can you medic him ? I garante nothing ; I need some cover Contact terrain (road) Main road ”hit” radio chatter : situation ? Balou : we are under fire we need support Dalton : I got the second one and is medic Dalton : they are trying to flank from underneath Balou : negative, do not reinforce us, we are losing the area Hit, hit hit : awwwwwwwwwwwwww fuck


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