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Fox Airsoft’s Lipo Battery with Deans Connector Review | Fox Airsoft


Hey guys, Matt here with Fox Airsoft, and I wanted to show you a new product we started to carry here in the shop they are lipo batteries. What is special about them, though is that they come prewired to a deans connector. now for those of you guys who were unfamiliar with uh… deans connector. Now for those of you guys who are unfamiliar with deans connectors– these are some of the best ones available on the market. The reason for that is a conventional tamiya type connectors is going to create a lot of electrical resistance in your electrical system for your airsoft gun. So when you upgrade to a deans connector, you’re gonna increase the efficiency, increase the amount of shot you’re going to get out of each of your batteries. You’re also gonna to eliminate the potential to cause a jam from the electrical resistance. So, changing that plug there can give you a simple, inexpensive upgrade that will help out your gun to perform more efficiently. It’s estimated that just by going to a deans connector is going to give you about a five to ten percent increase in overall electrical efficiency for your gun.Now the lipo batteries that we are selling here come in multiple different sizes and types. The one I’m holding right here happens to be a stick type lipo coming both eleven point one in seven point four. We also have buffer tube type lipo’s, shorter and longer variants– so basically a solution to meet any type of battery needs you have. So make sure to check out these needs new batteries at Fox Airsoft dot com Fox Airsoft 10244 S Progress Lane Parker CO 80134 (888) 316-7816 .


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