Subtitles in French available in Youtube options Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW I am pleased to be able to present to you a handgun replica of the Cybergun brand and under license FN HERSTAL which is not yet in store This is the FNX-45 tactical GBB obviously running on green gas, and reveals its rather imposing size once in hand Let’s start with the detailed Cybergun package which as usual provides a very detailed packaging whether for technical information or for the visual of the replica, the FNX-45 tactical is placed in a thermoformed plastic support including a 25 bbs charger and two interchangeable backstraps to choose your ergonomics best suited to your hand Now let’s move on to the exterior characteristics of this tactical FNX-45 This replica once in hand sets the tone for its weight and size, made of metal and polymer To return to its weight, which is 950 gr for 200 mm, once the loader is engaged the weight distribution is quite pleasant and does not force the handle Here is the detail in video The FNX-45 is composed of a metal cylinder head engraved with FN HERSTAL markings identical to the real FNX-45 Then a polymer frame that looks solid and well worked despite the visible traces of moldings equipped with its picatinny rail and a stock which provides good grip thanks to the studs and adorned with the FN herstal logo and the two models of backstraps available in the package Regarding the exterior in more detail, you will have a replica suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users by the presence of ambidextrous elements such as a plastic safety device allowing the hammer to be released once cocked while remaining pressed on the safety device a breech retainer a magazine eject button Then there are two metal sights and a removable plate for the installation of a sighting member and then install the optional sight mounting rail.

An external hourly threaded metal barrel with a diameter of 16 mm accompanied by its flash hider And a plastic trigger which once the replica is loaded is triggered quickly and leaving only a very short play As for the magazine, it is metal receiving a Polymer magazine stub adorned with the FN herstal marking , easily refillable in balls directly in the chute and not from the top of the charger but also a loading valve on the back and not below Now let’s move on to the internal characteristics and the various information provided by the Cybergun technical service The internal barrel measures 110 mm for 6.

10 in diameter A plastic nozzle the Bax System adjustable very easily and playing its role very well Now let’s go to the Chrony test in 0.20 gas EXTREM BLOXBACK balls, cybergun gives the answer at 1 joule maximum for 328 FPS in 0.

20 gr balls Cybergun Advises users to charge gas for a minimum time of 5 seconds for maximum filling. Let’s move on to the target test at a distance of 15 meters Here is the review of the FNX-45 TACTICAL FN HERSTAL from cybergun completed You can find this replica at all airsoft dealers soon and normally for a date around the end of August beginning of September Find all the AIRSOFT REVIEW links in the video description Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! I tell you very soon !! bye Bye


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