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FNCY Airsoft Lightweight Battlebelt Loadout

FNCY Airsoft Lightweight Battlebelt Loadout

so out of all the shoes you could have warned today you decide to wear converse Congress that are the hardest to keep clean out of all of the converse ever made yes it’s never prepared like ever I just like so retarded like you look like I’m pleaser right now I just I just want you to know that hey guys preacher here we’ve been seeing a lot of the comments you know you wanted to see what kind of gear we were using so I put together my kit that I used in Kelowna I just want to show you what it is down here I got the Condor 8 harness and battle belt kit my other one was getting a little bit too restricted so I switched to this it’s really lightweight actually um I got a lot of mobility I can turn in ways that I never thought possible while wearing a kitten’s airsoft it’s also really lightweight and I can crawl on my tummy which is actually getting excessively bigger so it’s it’s nice to have this little box that my stomach can stick out of because of no I don’t want to use the word fat up here I got my knife over here I got a clip there’s some stuff that I want to clip it’s got room on the back for hydration carrier I just use a water bottle back at the station though right now I like having less weight that’s really good down here I got four mags as well as a ID patch and then another coach for my dead rank on my legs I got a right now my sake 2 to 9 really compact I just bought this actually full metal first one little gun I’ve actually seen in Canada that’s a pistol it’s really nice I haven’t actually game to get over here on this side a dump pouch for my aching mags I only got four mags on me at any time so I only have a small little pouch there I’m just gonna talk a little bit about my gun here so G&G 47 I never actually liked aks and then buddy wanted to trade me for my sniper rifle so I was like yeah it’s a bolt-action Springer so as well as should trade it for an AEG and then I gamed it and it’s pretty badass I actually minded it up a bit myself it had the wood switch it over to black grab dinner go grip through a top rail on here got a nice little NC red dot sight here army tech flashlight 500 lumens really good for making people not want to look at and got my suppressor here I actually like the look of the suppressor on the AKA even though a lot of you probably won’t just go standard metal mags in there I carry two high caps and two mid caps I like the feel of reloading but I don’t want to have to carry a whole bunch of rounds on my person whenever I’m plan got a pressure plate here for my flashlight overall it’s pretty fun gun to play I don’t usually don’t usually play guns without form grips this one I actually like feel of it


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