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FN Five seveN GBB – Airsoft Review

FN Five seveN GBB – Airsoft Review

hey guys TMC combined arms here do review on the new FN five-seven this awesome awesome epistola picked up just came out it’s licensed by cybergun and it’s uh oh em by marushin so you know you’re definitely going to get a good product with that overall it’s a great little gun that been messed around with her the past couple days just doing some test shots with it what not I’d take it outside do a little chrono for today but the the weather it’s just just not cooperating here lately cold it’s raining so shoot another video that later for you show you what the chrono this and we’ll go from there but I will do a good overview on this for you today and hope you like it so overall the gun is all plastic which it’s not a big deal while your pistols are going to be plastic is still work great it is powered by co2 so you got your mag here which is obviously going to be metal you’re a little piece down here you take out with an allen wrench it comes with put your cartridge in there and you’re good to go it’s a double stack mag so just make sure when you’re loading it you get a good pattern in there you don’t have any empty spots it holds 20 rounds comfortably so I haven’t had any issue shooting it feat juanes great thing about these Max’s I do have a gas system it for one co2 cartridge I’ve been averaging about six mags per cartridge I’ve gotten anywhere between five to seven depending on the cartridge but on average about six max so I’ve put quite a few rounds through it already and I like it it’s that’s good good for me a lot of your co2 guys you and get four mags or so per cartridge so a lot less time changing your cartridges down they’re going to last you a lot longer which in the long run it’s going to save you some money and you know you can keep reloading one mag for quite some time so we’ll go over the outside here you guess nice trade marks here and on your grip here other side you got your serial number there some more trades and also the manufacturer there your sites these are the forward post here’s plants take your rear sight has got a little metal to it but it is adjustable left right and up and down with two flat head screws there so you can cite it in really nice for your liking all your attachments here are plastic I was hoping that would be metal but you know plastic it works is pretty durable it’s not not crappy plastic even on the gun it is help like I said is all plastic do you have seen but it’s really hard to notice unless you’re looking for it’s not rough that’s smooth din really well compared to some I’ve seen some of your lower end guns where you got really rough seems they catch on your hand so this is really nice quality so you got your safety it is ambidextrous which I like since I’m left-handed your mag release here is on the left side which i personally like being left-handed I like to do with my index finger Vice my thumb and that’s just me personally so you got your slide catch here and this is right here is we’re breaking it down to take it apart your outer barrel here is metal so it looks like aluminum I’m guessing which it’s not bad so we’ll see we can just pop this guy part here real quick it is still getting used to disassembly here so you got some things to show you on the inside here alright so we got this guy pulled apart here for you like I was saying there’s the inside of your pistol here and your lower frame you got some metal parts in there GD like I said everything is plastic so you’re going to have to watch this for where your camera and all that in the back is metal which is nice and it’s not bad not bad your upper here I’m not going to pull the barrel and all that but if you do there’s a little clip here that you’re going to take off to pull your barrel out so you don’t lose it this wheel here is your hop-up it’s kind of a pain to get to you and adjust I got some bigger finger so trying to get in there and adjust that I have to pull the barrel out to get it myself so not a real easy on the flight it was just so before you go out with this to game you know make sure you cite it improperly adjust your hop-up where it needs to be once you have this thing adjusted you shouldn’t have to adjust it again as most of your hop-up Tsar so it’s a great little piece we’ll just drop this guy back in here for reassembly just pops in not a fan of the adjustment and the hop-up adjustment having to pull this apart because it does take me a second to get this guy back in so they do you retail right now for 149 fit on the site you go to I know you can pre-order them on airs black is not everybody not every store has a men right now so a lot of are going to be pre-orders so you’re gonna have to preorder it there are a few out there you can pick this up and go ahead and get it shipped right to you so go check it out cybergun did a great job getting the trademarks for this and I think marushin did a fantastic job making it like i said though big cons that i had with a disassembly and the hop up a little bit of a pain for me maybe you can figure out a quicker easier way to do it sure there’s a web and wish wish these parts here for your safety and your slide catch in the upper receiver release here i wish they were metal plastic those parts where i can crack and then you know you could have issues with it but it does look like pretty durable plastic so you know i can’t really complain on that and the weight of the gun really nice fits well on my hand so go pick it up check it out and make sure you guys subscribe up here we’ll throw some links in the bottom where you could go pick one of these guys up that and we’ll see you out on the field


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