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“Fleck” Airsoft Loadout

“Fleck” Airsoft Loadout

hey guys this is one for nukes and the answer is my German logo I primary is a G is my short barrel g3 for the woods so I get to school around trees easier yes I do notice that the stock is broken but I’m getting back next works on coming up the money like I said we do notice I’m still wanting to Vietnam here hey by the world my sign on my pro plugin dairy is my KWA mp7 as you see nice nice gun besides that besides my mp7 my spit my sidearm is Mike 1845 or USB 45 captain I use as well father’s hood women and some fail few three fails have a little bit 45 Perkins or the other Amanda probably has basically something that everything make sure my no doubt same thing German operator town trying to go for Jeremy KS case but your forces look but this is basically it will be like my load out and take care


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