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first video and airsoft loadout

first video and airsoft loadout

what’s up guys to see airsofter 01 and you’re not in our softer oh pretty much anyway guys today I want to be telling you I matter what I do into airsoft since 2013 descanses 2013 beautiful anyway this gun is to see what I’ve trapped influence hasn’t break it we’re cqb to 10 it heard this good is pretty good it’s about traffic moves three pretty baby venom is going to be a bunny a complete beautiful loadout it was used in Vietnam all this equipment besides with using Vietnam I have a mag pouch that holds three high cap rounds and just taken out if you ever want to get one of these I have to get felt like this because otherwise it’s open for your pants down I have a 600 / for that good thank you guys for watching please like it subscribe and hit the like button and please hit the subscribe lady will be much appreciated for me and my channel and again please subscribe my brother’s shadow


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