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First airsoft video 2017!! Fun, action! Airsoft gameplay [Gameplay]

First airsoft video 2017!! Fun, action! Airsoft gameplay [Gameplay]

What’s up guys This is TommReaper, lets start the year at Aarhus Airsoft Field. I’m proud to announce that I got a sponsorship, which gives me great opportunities, to make more airsoft videos for you guys.

My sponsors are the danish airsoft merchant called Airsoft Armoury, check out their website and facebook page in the link below. To celebrate a new start, why not do a giveaway sponsored by Airsoft Armoury.

You can win these Strike System gloves in black, which is the same model as I use, How to enter? subscribe to my channel, and share this video Also leave a like on Airsoft Armoury’s facebook page and thats it.

I will choose a random winner of my subscribers next week. So keep in touch. And if you didn’t get a chance to win these gloves, then you also have this promocode: TommReaper, which you can use on their website, it gives you 20% discount on the gloves, and this promocode will only work from today sunday to wednesday.

to activate the code, put it in the delivery description when buying the gloves, and you will get the discount. Now lets get back to the main topic of this video, the gamemode is Rush, also called Team Deathmatch with endless respawn.

How to win? You have to gain control of the enemy area and keep them in their respawn. Goodluck and enjoy the video. This is TommReaper This is it, the final kill, eventually my team won the game, we had taken over the enemy area.

Thanks for watching this is TommReaper hope you enjoyed the video, and don’t forget to subscribe.


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