Home Airsoft Gameplay First Airsoft Gameplay in Germany!! // Audio ITA – Sub ENG

First Airsoft Gameplay in Germany!! // Audio ITA – Sub ENG

First Airsoft Gameplay in Germany!! // Audio ITA – Sub ENG

Pull the Trigger Savyors! Finally here I am in Germany with the first video in this field called P2 Airsoft If you want to see more videos, images or you just want to know more… about game mods, events, and more details, you can infd out more in the German website ” Airsoft Verzeichnis” where you will find all the other fields in Germany, and more events! after the first 10 minutes where they checked our equipment, boots and crono test we continued with the briefing from the Chief of the Event that explained to us all the game mods during the day, but I will show you just know for the moment for some weird reasons my run camera scope camera didn’t work well the inner connector was damaged somehow so all the kills in game will be seen from my go pro in the head I haven’t even modified this footage because trying to put a crosshair effect, zooming or slowing down these images could totally ruin the quality of it sorry for this little issue but I hope you can still enjoy the video ! then cold weather on this day had a big impact on our Asgs on the field but also on our backups that could shoot up to 1,2 joules, but the where still blocked easily by the weather so it wasn’t very easy to understand the real distance that I could effectly shoot also because the hop up system was working very bad in my Asg, and the joules dropped from 1,8 j to 1,4j so being a Sniper in those conditions wasn’t really a big deal Shooting with 1,4 Joules to excute quickscopes at 30 or 40 meters was the best option so I was going to put all my effort just on this skill to bring some kills at home during the day I was already so lucky the first time so after a few shots the enemy found my position but I won’t give up, I will try with a new tecnique because of the hard approach here in Germany due to the Running Airsoft Tecnique I had to recover a few minutes more and trying again with a new strategy and starting from a different point after respawn and trying to attack from the hill position I hope that the height will provide me more range on my enemies and also a surprise effect on them the war sounds used as a soundtrack where giving a best impact on the game and trying to orientate on the field was harder using on my advantage the heavy attack of my teammates both with the war sounds I decided to expose me and I to push forward to find a better spot position untill the end of the game, I didn’t want to lose heart and thanks to all the teammates I had that day.

. it was very funny to try this emotion it was very hard from all the points of view, and for sure I will modify my sniper rifle but for today I will show you this little piece of Airsoft and the next time I will show you a new mode called ” The Labyrinth” if you want to see more don’t forget to subscribe! that’s all for the moment and always remember guys to Pull the Trigger! and I see you guys with the next video!


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