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Finnish Airsoft Sniper – First Video!

Finnish Airsoft Sniper – First Video!

This is Silent Shot It’s time to publish my first scope cam video. Location is “Jättömaa”, which is located in Lempäälä. On this sunday, we had over 60 players. I’m playing on the red team, and this is a compilation of Todays games.

Let’s go ahead and see how i did .. The opponent completely surprised me from the flank, and eliminated me before i managed to draw my pistol. Alright, now we are on the edge of the area, trying to sneak closer .

. There is no visual of the Enemy yet, but there sure are bb’s in the air. I bet there is someone inside that silo ahead … And there were Enemies inside, for sure. The bush was so dense that I had to change my spot.

Someone had climbed on top of the silo, but it was so Windy i couldn’t hit the target. Enemy had flanked me from the left side, and eliminated me. This is my first time playing here in “Jättömaa”. So far, it has been a very diverse game area, and I’ve liked playing here.

It takes some time to get familiar with a new area, and you figure out where the opponents move, and where should you move. In this area the opponents get close to you Surprisingly fast, and you really need to stay alert.

I made a mistake here, by stepping inside of these buildings here. I don’t really know how to use them as my advantage .. But anyways, Let’s keep going .. The opponents had aggressively advanced inside to the village, My teammates were retreating, so i decided to move towards these uphills again, where i felt comfortable moving.

At this point, I was trying to figure out was i inside the game area or not, nevertheless, i decided to move forward. Apologies for the player i eliminated next, if i wasn’t inside the game area. *: D This video ends here, , feel free to comment on how i could improve my upcoming videos.

Until the next video, bye!


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