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FFI Tiger Stripe Camo G3 Combat Suit Review

FFI Tiger Stripe Camo G3 Combat Suit Review

Hi my Friends Welcome to the new FFI Target Stripe Camo G3 Combat Suit Review Product started selling on April 1 You remember the Tiger Stripe Camo from movies. For example, This camouflage was used in the Terminator movie and many vietnam movies.

USA army this camo first used in Vietnam war a suitable camo for dense woodland the pattern is black, green, cream and brown nested a wonderful pattern Its Gen 3 Camo As I said before, camouflage quality is very good I used it in the previous week’s round.

I like it so much FFI reflects its professionalism and experience in this product. I have FFI brand 4 camo all of the same quality and standard. There’s a pocket for the knife or the flashlight in this section.

“I’m showing the standard camo pockets” Upper part of knee brace made from normal camouflage fabric in gen 2 camo but in gen 3 camouflages this section has been replaced by a more flexible and quality fabric.

in airsoft games there are too many military movements such as take cover, kneeling For this reason, these sections are exposed to too much force. for this reason quality elastic fabric change was made.

and other parts of the back exposed other part of the body exposed this section we leaning down, pulls the camouflage down. and waist area with elastic fabric relieved. in the same way groin area In camouflage, these three regions are the most exposed areas.

because Airsoft has a lot of military action. It’s not like going to work ­čÖé bend, stand up, take cover, crouch, run. for long-lasting resistance There has been a very good change for camo and us the other good feature in this camouflage knee adjustment zone.

camouflage knee section Everyone can stand at a separate level. for setting the pads mechanism used to adjust knee region this setting is made with the tire mechanism inside. the mechanism was previously in the upper pocket.

We was pull the tire out of here. but because it is a favorite pocket he was constantly bothering you with tire. The FFI firm this mechanism took on the knee pocket. it has become more useful in this way.

With this practice, camouflage will better fit on our bodies. I also said while examining the vest loadout. It is very important that the equipment move with you. because your movements will be sharper you will do exactly what you want to do.

you do it with equipment. you will succeed using the equipment correctly. after adjusting knee distance you will adjust the tightness from the rear. at the same time don’t forget to adjust the camouflage trotters With this setting will prevent stones and sands it provides a more comfortable airsoft game Another feature of FFI camouflage which allows you to partly adjust your waist.

The sizes of FFI camouflages are universal. Of course the american size is different So, If the waist region of the camouflage you buy is mildly abundant With this adjustment, it can fully fit on the waist.

FFI company used YKY zipper in this camouflage high quality. if you do not use knee pads extra camouflage fabric can stand here. When you use the knee pad you can open this piece from your velcro and fold it in.

and insert your knee pads and the velcro on the inside will hold your knee pad. As you see, camouflage and pattern are great. shirt is the same standart shirt The interior of the arm pockets, which I like at FFI company, is two-compartment.

more useful. I have the TURKEY flag patch and airsoft anatolia patch on my right arm. on the left arm I have my radio code patch and JAGER team patch. I want to say that. If you buy camouflage, I would recommend all FFI brand camouflages.

I tried the color, design, fabric quality. I tried the reaction in the rain and the sun. for this reason I would recommend FFI brand camouflages. but I definitely do not recommend the emerson brand why? Because.

.. if you buy emerson brand camouflage in different sizes shirts will be the same size. and short shirt part will be until belly. it will be until the beginning of the pants. the moment you first bend during the game, your waist will be opened.

Everyone will start to show forks. I do not understand why shirts should be long as sizes increase but it does not. it is only expanding. As a result, ermerson shirts are too short if you are buying medium, large or XXL.

I’m getting large FFI camouflage shirt. pants 32 sizes FFI shirt length is fine. always keep this standard. some issues are very important my friends you need to understand that. It does not mean that you have made a profit by buying products cheaply.

Get quality products as much as possible. and get the tried-and-true products you see around you. If you get this design as a collection as well, I can not say anything but if you will use it, you will use it with pleasure Get quality products.

camouflage is not like a magazine pouch. so, You use mag pouch to 3 months. You change the airsoft gun. and the mags change. you can sell your old mag pouch. you know you can sell it without to lose money.

so you can get the new one. but camouflage is not so. If you wear it 2 times and you wear it 3 times, it does not matter. it is touch your skin and selling is not easy. so it is important that you take the right step.

A low-quality product removes person from his hobbies. I am satisfied with FFI company. I’ve been using it for 3-4 years. and I use 4 different FFI camouflage. most often multicam. not every fabric is the same my friends.

they always say every fabric is cordura super patented multicam ok so There are several multicam fabrics in separate quality. waterproof fabric not piercing the fabric with barbed wire anti-insect fabric The bug does not bite you while you are on camouflage.

It is produced according to the region of operations. for example in Afghanistan or vietnam. guarded the military. enough. There is fabric that protects you when you pass through barbed scarves. we also caught the waterproof qualities to fabric of airsoft but be sure that every cordura is not the same as multicam fabric quality.

It is very easy to put patent labels on original in fabric. for this reason take the right step. Get the right product. and I’m sure it will work in the jungle. In forest games you need to wear black or woodland.

because the eye does not separate those colors in the forest. light colors are searched. but now my favorite tiger stripe camo and I’m sure it will work in the jungle. In the coming days we have a forest game.

I will try there as well. renger green or coyote brown or with mass grey loadout it will be very compatible. I am use with mass grey vest the result was quite good. I hope you like you can write your questions in the comments section.

you can write about everything. I answer all of them. thanks for whatching


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