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FBI mountain patrol airsoft loadout

FBI mountain patrol airsoft loadout

my god commando airsoft here today I’m doing an airsoft loadout gear today sort of like winter like mountain FBI operation type thing so yeah this is sort of and it’s an inspirational kit on it let’s just put it this way it’s like an FBI winter search and rescue team type inspirational kick pick so first thing is for my airsoft famis not gonna pull the mag out fully them actually shoot something so I’ll go over to down okay so you just take off these gloves and my watch I’ll show you that um these gloves right here actually got from my school I go to a farm in high school so so this right here I believe is a Nordic Trek tactical smoke oh and no so underneath is this so – bottom so on the top I’m my FBI hat she said hi got for free um right here I’m my earpiece running and yes I did change my image right here it says shoulder harness I believe this is my Uncle Mike’s your Uncle Mike’s size five holster which actually fits let’s dig saucer p22 eh six quite well I think it’s a six either six or eight I’ll see when I so here it is yeah it’s a p22 eight quite nice actually um and just a quick thing so me I’m teaming up with squad jet squad the s gaming and squad J out gaming to help my buddy Jordan Denham aka squad JD gave me I don’t have a squad tag yet cuz I haven’t got around to making one but anyways guys um we’re trying to have squad JD a gaming get a girlfriend because you know he said he has a hard time talking to girls so we’re trying to you know help him so you know that’s what friends do and he’s actually pretty much my best friend besides my friend Amy which I may have asked out today and he knows she’s hella hot too yes Jordan I just said that if you got a problem that go suck it my friend so yeah there’s a Uncle Mike sir okay I believe this is an Arctic Tech one okay so we’re gonna go from this way and around so right here I just have this little badge just to match the outfit right here and this browning magazine holster case I have speed loader 95% of the equipment I have on me either got for free right boss right here this action but this is our trail up for equipment multi-tool named Mike we thinking okay if you’re an airsoft ER why the flip do you carry multi-tool out in the film I won’t tell you if a gun breaks or finally do any maintenance on it I’m out in the field this thing comes in really handy I know I was at a national game a few like two years ago and my rifle the magazine got jammed and I have a jamming rod so I just pulled it apart and hurry and fix it right here I don’t know a brand of holster the shoes didn’t come with the flashlight always not that I know I don’t know the name of this I believe this is a I don’t know but it’s something tactical yes I like black and I’ll attach right here this is actually a Vietnam war path pouch inside I just have a dislike for the phone I have recording with right now and it has a technical kitchen so I just have my old Nokia luminar right here in this u.

s. oh right here connected to the mic which is running right here is audio Doc’s walkie I know it’s a cheap walk it’s all you could afford at the time but I’m gonna be upgrading that here soon right here this is absolutely the best site on my have this right here is a wing gun Supersport 701 co2 power to evolve it they take these one shot shells she already has some mountain and let’s see up to power just really nice and you know if I don’t want to wear the hat and all that I can usually wear this this is a athletic and this looks pops right here I keep a extra see up to you cartridge um right here this is actually a satellite phone just a cheap little satellite phone that I got for free don’t ask me how so yeah and usually I’d have like my leg holster and all that but I didn’t just just decide not to do that and the boots I wear are first downs actually my PJs so yeah guys that is my loadout


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