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FatSoftReview- Airsoft Loadout (Guns and Gear)

FatSoftReview- Airsoft Loadout (Guns and Gear)

hey guys today I’ll be making a small video of what I run with when I play I just recently played for the first time in a while and this is my rig right now I have a molle vest mainly as you can see right here this is an OD green color Molly best it looks a little more tan in the video but it’s more OD green try to adjust that but um basically it I have dual m4 mag pouches on there right now these are my this is my friends Molly things so it’s not really suited for my sr-25 magazines but I do have a couple of things in there that I’ll show you and I’ll get right to it so as you can see right here i have my Glock it’s using one of the m4 mag pouches as a holster which actually works out pretty well because i hate drop like holsters because they always fall down my thigh it’s just really annoying this is actually turned out to be a really nice way to a holster my pistol I’ll get in closer as you can see there’s these little pull tabs it keeps it in place keeps us secure and then I can pull back over when I’m not not using the pistol I had one mag in each of the other m4 mag pouches I they’re not pistol magazine pouches but they fit they don’t fall out unless I am completely upside on I’m right here i have an m4 mag just to show you guys that these are having for mac pouches I’ll just throw that aside I don’t really run at them for as my friend has I’m forced and the team that I play with his own force I carry on a couple m4 mags to keep them keep them filled up um so this is obviously my primary is the GM GG or 25 now I don’t have a sling mount over here on the back of the stock so i’m using a one point sling on the back and actually works out fine when I’m not holding the gun it doesn’t hit the ground or anything but i’ll probably end up getting a sling mound right there i know i could modify an unforced sling mount to work and i’ll probably end up doing that since it’s easier and i have a bunch of time for sling mount blades sitting around i’m still using the scope is I find myself not really in a sniper position when I’m playing so the scope isn’t that great also this gun i bought it used obviously there’s some problems when you buy things used the hop-up bucking is really ineffective and i get a lot of flyers barrels probably a little dirty too i’ll have to do something about that i might check out the new reaps hop-up system that came out it’s a new have a bucking that’s supposed to increase range by a significant amount i might check that out other than that i’ll show you the rest of my best so we’ll get on to that so over here on the left side of my vest i have a dump pouch just a standard dump pouch to put you know magazines and stuff in there I really use it often but like I said it’s just there because you kind of need a dump pouch we’re going to be playing on the back of the vest sorry about the focus this is the new lens I have a Molly backpack type thing uses Molly to secure in here and inside of it I have bottle of bb’s bottle of water and on the side of that another bottle of bb’s and there’s another side pouch and i have another bottle bb’s Spacely I’m the backpacker I just carry babies and water I don’t have a hydration pack because I don’t really need it I don’t find myself craving water in the middle of a game so usually the bottled water will work fine just for like intermission I things over here is the radio pouch use a radio but it fits my cell phone just fine I’ll pull that and show you like when I’m in field I need to put my galaxy s2 somewhere fits right in here zipper it up it’s waterproof and everything here’s another little side pouch slippery you can a little misc items in there may be a multi-tool or something so I do it do a lot of tech work I can fix teammates guns on the fly inside of here is another pouch compartment inside here you can put extra magazines or a radio yeah whatever you’d like and then as you can see there’s still a lot of Molly a lot of Molly on this fest that’s unused that could go to better use but uh I kind of run a simple more standard lightweight rig so this Molly the extra Molly it really doesn’t need to be used I might take off some of those dual m4 mag patras because I don’t use them and I might switch to some 762 mag pouches the wider ones to accommodate you know sr-25 magazines also probably end up picking up semester 25 hi cat magazines because if I myself shooting a lot of semi but being pretty true happy with it so yeah that’s basically my logo now I got a new lens for my camera it is a non zoom lens well it’s stuck at a certain zoom and you know that’s one thing i don’t like about it but it does really well in lower light and i think you guys can see an improvement the video quality i’m not sure so tell me how you like it and one more thing subscribe comment rate and i’m going to try to get you guys more involved with my youtube channel if you want me to do some certain kinds of videos or asking any kinds of questions I’ve been doing airsoft for a while and kind of obsessed with it but I’ve been running out of video ideas lately so if you guys want to ask me questions or suggest some types of videos for me to do I’d really appreciate that and once again and I hope you enjoy


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