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[Fastmag Gen 2 – Kyou Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Fastmag Gen 2 – Kyou Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi all and welcome to this review of the Fastmag Gen 2 magazine pouchs from Kyou Airsoft My provided model will accept M16, M14, Famas and AK magazines But those pouchs are available in a bigger size accepting M14 or SR25 magazines The available colors are black, OD and TAN On your screen i show you product references if you would like to order it at Kyou Airsoft website This magazines pounch is made of 2 parts, each one can receive one magazine Visually and touchly, the finishing is excellent On one of the pouch, you will find a discreet Kyou Airsoft logo Magazine holding is ensured by 2 mobiles main parts And by 2 elastic bands surrounding those ones, enabling the good griping of the magazine Attach system is made of a double straps system That will be attached under the pouch Inside the fastmag, an anti-slip coating is present to prevent unwanted magazine ejection This M4 magazine fits perfectly And i can shake it a lot, it won’t move Pulling firmly the magazine will be sufficient to exit this one No issue with this Kac PDW magazine even with its embossed relief Of course you can attach the 2 pouchs Just put the bands of the attach into the good holes And close attachs under the pouch Yo can easily attach the Fastmag on a Molle platform First put the upper parts into the Molle straps And put the 2 straps attachs into the lower Molle loop And close the attachs Griping is strong enough for a setup with magazine positionned toward the ground You can also use it on a classic belt You only need to put your belt behind the attach staps Thank you for watching If you liked this video, please subscribe to my channel See you soon


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