Home Airsoft Loadouts (FAILED VIDEO) Airsoft inner barrels Steel Vs. Aluminum Vs. Brass what’s better?

(FAILED VIDEO) Airsoft inner barrels Steel Vs. Aluminum Vs. Brass what’s better?

(FAILED VIDEO) Airsoft inner barrels Steel Vs. Aluminum Vs. Brass what’s better?

so this video is going to be about something that a lot of people want to know about is the accuracy difference between steel aluminum and brass one of the key factors about it is that the lighter the material the more will vibrate on each shot so aluminum will vibrate vibrate the most since it weighs less and brass and a little brass and steel being the heavier barrels so I actually made a video about this the other day but it was inconsistent since the barrels are all dirty they’ve been cleaned and so far they’re very lucid so here’s the aluminum barrel this is the mad bull black Python tight bore version – it is very long it’s longer than the FN mm and this is not angel custom it is actually e.

x precision so this is the stainless steel barrel this one is the heaviest barrel is the most high-quality these are more expensive usually around $40 or more this one’s actually got to hop of blocks one of them will be covered by the bucking so this one is super lucid I clean this one very well so this one should be at its top performance now something to note is that the aluminum barrel actually got bent but I did a really good job at a straightening it back out and whatever amount is still bent will be corrected with the tightness of the gun itself since it will straighten out inside the gun once it’s in there so this is an FN mm we’ll be testing the barrels in just assemble this thing really quick and the scope is not centered correctly so I will do my first couple of tests with this slope and then I’ll always switch back Ironsides all right so installed right now is the brass barrel and this one has also been cleaned uh during these tests the hop-up I use it even in there that it is but so the brass barrel in there right now yeah so this one’s very clean very lucid it should be really well and um in these tests to remove an inner barrel you have to turn off your hop-up so with these two barrels Hoppus will be off at first and then throughout the shooting I will turn on the hop-up and try to get consistent results and we’re going to do brass bell first with top upon this is already tuned and we’ll go out there and see what it does also for these tests we’ll be using these be like a 23 grandbabies I do not like these I recommend air splat point 25 but this is what I got they’re not that good but that’s what I’m going to be using all right so our first test the hop-up is on brass barrel we got point 23 grams the target is an empty milk jug way in the back this is the entire length of my backyard – give or take 10 feet all right so the hop-up go way up now hitting the wall Oh finally I did yeah there’s a lot of deviation a lot of left all right pretty much not that much wind at all and the house blocks very slight deviation but these breaches back-to-back so halfway or this is a half way go to the left a lot we’re going everywhere one hit right in the crosshairs then the next one hit the wall above and below going everywhere now I think now it’s just the gun be the hop-up is off so it seems alright oh so we switch barrels and now we’re with the aluminum barrel let’s give this a test what yeah we’re not going to cheat at this are we’re a halfway with aluminum the hop-up is off right in left deviation so it’s a picky picky so I hit the target about 50% of the time a lot of deviation right left and watered down so let’s go to steal right we got the steel barrel last test well we still got a half length boat in fourth first I’m already noticing a difference it is dropping early but it is dropping a lot faster so there’s getting downrange really we still keep the green we’re not gonna eat it I’m noticing a faster flight have our bikinis let’s go all right so all right so we’re seeing that the steel barrel is hitting the halfway target not everytime this is a good engagement distance for an airsoft game let’s put the hop-up alone won’t put it halfway well that’s not really halfway when I say that I’m just saying the total nub that keeps it that indicates off and on it’s pointing straight up like this so hop up pointing up in the gun is making it go a little bit higher but aiming just a little lower and I can hit it so pop them off with steel barrel is guaranteed shot at this distance and then it’s not a man-sized target it’s more of a headshot target there isn’t really anything man-sized back there but so these tests are exactly the best test in the world but uh my standards fuck my standards the steel barrel it’s definitely more accurate so I I choose steel make sure it’s nice and clean and as long as you keep your barrel clean you can probably get pretty good results even with your brass barrel so just clean them out if you want to see you see any difference because they’re pretty dirty and I didn’t do anything with they’re pretty dirty so that concludes the steel versus aluminum versus brass test fucking I fancy though you see shit


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