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FABARM STF/12 Airsoft Pump Action Tri Shot Review & Gameplay


Welcome to the first unboxing of the Team Kream Airsoft Youtube channel Today we’ve got the FABARM STF/12, multi-shot shotgun, tri shot. From evike dot com retailing for about $70. Inside you’re gonna get the gun itself the FABARM STF/12, Two shells, one red and one black, one speed loader, the manual, faux fiber optic sights, a bag of bad BBs and an unjamming rod. Pretty good deal for just under $70 on EVIKE dot com So what kind of magzines or shells can use? These are the Evike Zombie stopper thirty rounds for multi shot shotguns So for just about a hundred dollars you can get yourself Elite Force 5000 .20 g BBs, six shotgun shells, and the gun itself, which already has two shotgun shells for a total of eight.That’s just a great starter pack for I guess beginners, but you’d have to get your other gear as well. Starting off with the muzzle brake here. It’s made out of plastic which is not that great and it’s affixed as well, so if you want to take that off, you can. But it’s gonna be a little hard. The outer barrel is metal as well as the magazine tube and the inner barrels There is one on top and two on the bottom for those inner barrels. As it’ll get into focus here, in a moment Hopefully you can see that. Not too sure The overall weight is about 1770 grams or 3.9/4 pounds So it’s pretty lightweight. Though this is due to the construction, and cheap cost. It does have iron sights below the gun, uh. Including a full-length rail that you can pick up with your screwdriver, and that’s usually what I use because I find the optic sights included Not be the greatest So, the magazine catch here is indeed metal and it’s gonna be one of the few parts on the gun that actually is metal, as aforementioned the barrel, and the outer barrel, as well as the magazine tube.Though the trigger guard and Oh, sorry, not the trigger guard, but the trigger is metal as well as the magazine release As you can see here The Pump-Action grip is a rubberized metal Not metal, but rubberized grip and it’s kind of similar that texturing on the NOVRITSCH SSG-24 This is not that same quality Let’s clear that up. So, the trigger guard is not metal, but indeed plastic and then you can see that here. And so there’s that trigger there as well as that safety which is kind of Triangular safety on the right side on the left side on the other side you can see that, that it’s Circular so it’s a kind of interesting thing There’s that rubberized pistol
grip the same material as a pump-action grip And now this gun is officially licensed so you’re gonna be seeing some trademark around here pretty soon Really like the feel of this pistol grip because you know it’s nice on the hands very comfortable There’s those little, you know trademarks on the right side.I’ll show you the left side later So the overall length of this gun is about 810 millimeters (it is), I believe and That’s equating to about 32 inches more exactly 31.88 inches, so it’s just about the full length of a M4A1 fully extended though not quite So it’s a pretty large shotgun for being the compact version so it imagine that the longer version would obviously be a little bit longer as well Now that kind of hinders your CQB usage if you’re planning to use this for that. Though it is a full length shotgun with a shorter barrel Short stock which I’m going to show you in a moment. It does kind of help with that though. It’s kind of endurance *factor as well.So this model comes with a rubberized kind of butt plate different than the pistol grip as well as a the pump action grip I see reviews where they don’t necessarily come with this nice rubberized butt plate, but mine does thankfully and it’s nice It’s nice on the arm nice on the shoulder, but when you’re really getting that shoulder in it’s not the greatest because Right arm or whatever your dominant arm is kind of *sticks out so that’s kind of a downside As you can see here there are those iron sights underneath the rails so technically there’s a set of two iron sights If you have already caught on to them So as you can see these sling mounts, as you may have seen on some reviews.They’re not the greatest This is literally, that damage you see there, is from the first time I try to put sling on that really broke the thing here’s some more of that Licensing on the left side so you get that FABARM professional, some more trademarking And then going down to the left we have some more that authentic made in Italy sweetness If you haven’t noticed, this gun is the one using Rainbow six siege by Mira, the ITA12. Did I say sieged?. Yes I said sieged. Yes, ma’am. There’s that nice BO manufacturer on the pistol grip It’s right here I’ve got my custom-made not cuz me I didn’t make these but I made the skin for the kind of outer Thing that goes around them to me it’s an adhesive tape I got from Walmart. It’s not duct tape it’s kind of like a
table or laundromat, you can find it there. But I decided to make it look unique and that’s kind of not part of the gun itself It’s just kind of my own personal thing, but anyway on to the actual gun There’s a magazine catch, and there’s it loading there’s me failing to loading, catching onto a piece of cloth And so let’s show you some of those get all the shooting *tests Look at that shell ejecting action doesn’t actually shell eject technically it does All right, so there is the RIS, FULL-Length (NANI!?) on there.I’m wouldn’t call it rail interface system tho. That’s not an M4! Full- length rail on top, it is plastic. There’s also a rail on the bottom as you can see I wouldn’t trust the fiber optics a given because as I mentioned they kind of I don’t know if I mentioned this But when I was playing, first time, first match, it literally just fell off, the iron sight, I didn’t notice those back at the stage area though when you put on an actual sight on here I would say that it’s very trustworthy very stable I just think it was the locks or tightening screws on the included fiber optics that we’re not on too well Personally I would just use it without any sights at all because you don’t really need to do that it is kind of multi-shot or burst So you could use it for suppressing fire. It is a spring-loaded gun. So, I don’t know if that’s the accurate terminology.But I prefer just to keep the rail on there. Or just the basic rail . Sorry, not the basic rail or the iron sights underneath as that gave me the best experience So as I’m going to show you in a moment, there’s an issue with the shell ejection, when reloading, or the magazine catch Sometimes it will not properly eject the shell though this may be due to the skin I’m using on my shells though they seem to feed just fine most of the time So to load your BBs you pump or depress your speed loader about 8 to 9 times, though since there’s 30 round capacity 8 should theoretically do it. Overall I really recommend this gun for beginners and experienced as it is what you pay for and an all around great weapon. .


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