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Extreme Stealth Airsofter Vs Grumpy Players

Extreme Stealth Airsofter Vs Grumpy Players

Stay low and move slowly, we will be  impossible to spot in our ghillie suits.   Tango down Target approaching from the South There’s someone just poking  a helmet, so they can spot us. It’s just a decoy.

Don’t move Taking them out without alerting  the rest isn’t going to be easy Take the shot when you’re ready Topped him. Nice shot but there’s still a  patrol coming from the North Contact, standby.

He’s down They’re on to us, open fire. This is semi mate this is semi auto listen if you  take the first one then you won’t get any more. You join me as my team and myself are  raiding an enemy chemical factory to   steal a vaccine to a deadly pandemic that’s  being held back by tyrannical government.

  To complete the mission I’m armed with a silent  one joule Wolverine MTW and a KMCS Ghillie suit.   I f***ing love this gun. We’ve got a group coming down here down the track At it’s one joule settings the range  on the MTW is simply outstanding It allows me to quickly pick off  enemy players that are under the   false belief that they’re safely out of my range He’s trying to get around far left there i got him Nice try Close but no cigar Straight in front Two? I see him.

The chemical vaccine is now in our  possession and needs to be dropped off   our headquarters which turns out  has been overrun by the enemy Alright Phil? Hiya There’s like a… there’s a bunker building.

It’s a  covered over trench and it’s really hard to attack yeah yeah there’s a couple of windows there’s two  windows, two windows on the facing that way   and there’s one two facing this way yeah it’s  gonna be really really tough pushing from here Dude can you keep your eye on that  window i’m gonna try and get up to it The area is clear and the vaccine  chemicals have been delivered to the area   Compulsory vaccines for all.

Mission accomplished.


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