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EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 7 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 7 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

Location: VIETNAM | Role: MEDIC | Faction: ATACKERS “Digi” “Tell me” “Is it not Digi?” “I was looking here, they’re dressed the same. OK, let’s go” “Digi, look, Digi” “Identical” “And he’s with helmet as well, look.

And the guy gets angry” “He got angry? What did he say?” “Contact” “Dead, there’s one dead” “Where is he, by the tree?” “Dead coming out” “Bye” “No” “Medic” “There’s Kike, he’s up ahead, over there. He’s walking, mate” “Hey, keep going, advance” “Advance” “Move” “Advance” “Look at Digi, mate.

He’s like a pug” “Digi” “He’s happy” “Look, smiling as well” “Look” “That Digi” “OK, Pedro and… Hey, Joseph” “No, the problem is that you exhausted me too much at the start, and I didn’t drink much water and I also fell” “Did you faint as well as Camilita?” “No, not that much” “And the vest that Kike gave me is too adjusted” “Oh, you took it out” “For small games” “Yeah, is was too adjusted.

If I loose it up, no problem” “But I was like this” “It doens’t have to regulate” “Yes, it does” “Since the beggining I was like this. There’s a moment when I can’t…” “Now, if I drink water, a chocolate, soda” “No, that’s from outside” “We advance” “Let’s go?” “Careful” “Hey, a photo” “What, do we cross?” “Ready?” “The photo” “Wait” “Peruvian soldiers in Tiwinza” “Go Joseph” “Your’re welcome grandpa” “We can pass” “Yeah, its just one step” “It’s just one large step, stable.

There you go” “He stays open” “What?” “Hey” “Oh, is this the temporal camp?” “Heck” “I’m gonna cross” “Are they all to this side?” “Listen to me, I’ve been there before” “Hey” “Let’s see” “To all this, where is Gonta?” “What does he say?” “Give me your replica” “Get closer to the ditch” “Get down” “OK, get down” “OK, now look, is there something?” “You won’t see him but he’s in the bushes” “But is there someone there or not?” “No, there’s no one, he was the only one” “OK” “OK, we advance then” “Heck, who does that shit?” “It has happenned to me, also.

Some guy has pressed to call everyone without noticing and…”


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