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EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 6 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 6 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

Location: VIETNAM | Role: Medic | Faction: ATACKERS “Behind?” “Wherever there’s shadow” “OK, let’s go over here” “OK” “Let’s go slow” “You sure” “Yeah” “I have bubblegum, do you want some?” “And that’s good?” “Sugar” “Let’s see” “Fuck I’d need adrenaline, mate” “At first they exhausted me for dumbasses, by dying so fast” “How many, all?” “OK, let’s go” “OK” “Much better” “Are you eliminated?” “Revived” “There we go” “Give me your hand” “I can pass” “Get in, Rossi, get in” “Rossi” “Wait” “Gianca” “OK, sorry, I thought it was here” “Yeah” “Medic” “Gianca” “Get in” “Fuck, it hurt” “Oh, shit” “Rossi, get down” “We’ll have to go in the ditch” “There we go, wait” “They already got him” “He’s going out” “He’s out” “He’s going out” “It’s him” “Yeah, mate” “Let’s go” “Pedro” “Tell me” “Photo” “Guys, selfie” “Don’t fuck me” “That’s it” “Heck” “Ready?” “Rossi’s dehydrated” “You want water?” “Easy” “What?” “Do you have some?” “Yes” “Please” “Is it open?” “Yeah” “Rossi sucking Pedro” “It doesn’t come out” “It does, just suck.

Bite” “Like a boob” “OK, there it is” “Bite and suck” “Is it on?” “OK” “Is it on? Bite and suck” “Where’s Mario?” “He’s dead” “From here we see he’s dead” “Hey, where’s Caronte?” “Oh, he stayed” “Where is he?” “They’re shooting over here” “I see him” “Look” “He’s out” “What?” “It’s done” “What?” “You’re talking shit” “Hey, where are they?” “Here” “Rossi” “There’s Caronte’s son’s girlfriend.

Tell him from here I see his son and his girlfriend” “Is it his son’s girlfriend?” “Yes, is Caronte with them?” “Caronte” “Heck, mate” “Caronte” “I’m going to fix this in a moment, OK?” “No, they where behind” “What” “Medic, where?” “There’s the medic” “Hey, they’re advancing, Rossi” “Medic” “Medic” “I need a medic” “OK”


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