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EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 5 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 5 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

Location: VIETNAM | Role: MEDIC | Faction: ATACKERS “Listen to me” “Give me…” “Sniper?” “We advance?” “We advance?” “Do we advance or not?” “One has just fallen in the middle” “Hey, people wth firepower, Rodrigo!” “Rodrigo, firepower? And?” “We need a medic” “They’re killing them here” “Hear me!” “What?” “Hear me, the snipers are dead” “How is it?” “Let’s go” “Don’t stay there, advance!” “Suppress there! Suppress!” “OK” “Let’s advance!” “They sent me here” “I’m assuming I’ve returned to life” “Rene, do I go for him?” “He’s eliminated” “OK” “Let’s go” “Go a bit further” “Going back” “Get down” “I’m here” “Rossi, get in the hole!” “Tree!” “Tree!” “Continue in the ditch, hey Mask, go in the ditch” “No, here” “I’m going behind you, Rene, I’m behind you” “Yeah, look over there as well” “Look, over there, there he is” “Hey, to the front!” “In the wall” “Victor, I’m running here” “At the right wall” “Sniper!” “Rossi, come!” “Yo your 3!” “Ouch, shit” “You OK?” “Again?” “Yes” “Victor, look” “Advance!” “Hey! Turn on your radio! Hey! Tell your snipers to not advance!” “Deltas!” “Are you OK, Rossi?” “Yes” “Yeah, hopefully it didn’t thrust me” “Up!” “I only scratched myself, it seems” “But it could have thrusted me, mate” “We’re gonna speed this, come Rossi” “Who needs a medic?” “They’ve retreated” “Let’s go with Jano, I mean, with the Aguilas” “Over there” “The ones with firepower” “People!” “Over there, at the wall” “At 3!” “At the wall over there, a red wall to the right!” “You know what happened Victor? I didn’t drink water, mate” “I came in without drinking water” “People, advance!” “Medic” “Dead medic, mate” “Once hit, you die” “There he is, there are 3! Here are all the medics!” “Medic, advance” “Each one with his group” “Where is your group?” “Your group, medic?” “What happened? They killed you?” “What do you see, Deltas or Aguilas?” “This is my sector” “Medic” But try to separate” “What happened with the medic, is he dead?”


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