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EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 4 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 4 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

Location: VIETNAM | Role: MEDIC | Faction: Attackers OK, let’s go Wait OK Let’s go? Yes Let’s go Guys look for a position I follow you Shit why has this thing moved We cross then Do we cross the ditch? Pass me your replica No, it’s OK No, Digi, pass me your replica Digi, easy.

Digi, wait, I’ll see if there’s a way over here, OK? OK Digi Yes? There’s pass OK Take this Hey Victor, please tell him that those things are mine and that they stay there. To the ref I think OK, cool OK, I follow you Who goes ahead? I go first If I touch you, you get down OK If I die you revive me It smells awful Who are dead? Tell me What We’ll advance like last time in line to get over there Enemy Does someone have power? Pedro has power We’ll revive Pedro, he has power so he can go over there Digi, at your order Let’s go Where’s Pedro? Pedro Beacause Pedro has power Stay near me It’s OK Pedro It smells like feet, mate It smells like foot, it must be Pedro Where’s Pedro? I’m here Wait a moment, what do we do? Suppressive fire, I run and come back OK I mean, fire like this Cover fire Yes We’ll keep advancing Advance Let’s go Advancing There’s like 3 Pedro they need you over here Pedro we need you here, move All the dirt, mate I think there is only one left over there, he’s behind a tree Yes Rene Medic Let’s go? Medic There we go Rossi 12 Who needs.

..? Listen to me, he’s dead, we’ve brought him, I didn’t know that was allowed No, that’s not allowed What? That’s not allowed But it doesn’t matter, he’s alive OK No, it’s not allowed to pull What’s the strategy, Rene? It’s over there That’s why, they have an objective Listen to me I got 3 point men One there, one there and another there OK Pedro Let’s go Where has Pedro gone? Let’s go then Hey but Pedro has power OK, I go with Pedro and 2 more OK Miguel is over there OK, follow Digi There goes Mario Go up more, yes, go up more Cover up Yes, go up more What does he say? What did they say? There he is Fast, advance, they’re waiting for you over there I’m here Separate more We got 3 dead up ahead Where are we going to go? Who is it? Do you copy? Medic Where? It’s too exposed mate Yeah Where’s the rest of medics? You’re the only one to the right Rene? He advanced He’s gonna call us then


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