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EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 2 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 2 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

Location: VIETNAM | Role: Medic | Faction: ATTACKERS Hey his shit does hit here, mate Yeah Let’s go around him, mate We have to go around him By this side or by this side Through the ditch? Suppress, I’m gonna revive Medic! Rene, do I go? Who? The one over here, up ahead Behind the shield, I think the one with the cap Suppress Who needs medic? Cover the medic! What’s that? Hey No, I’m dead, come Suppress to heal him Ready to cover? I’ll heal him Rene, your call Hey, where’s Pepe? Medic passing by Right To the right with everything All right All right, we enter slowly Careful that’s the motor Careful Let’s go right then, mate.

Where are the Deltas? Don’t know Rossi Don’t expose yourself there OK, right. You’re up Let’s go to the right, OK? Let’s go Hey, there’s a lot of dead. Where’s Rossi? I’m here Rene, do I revive them? Who has the shield? I stay Hey shield, cover Rossi Who? I need a pair OK Pedro, stay like that Who else? Yes, easy Who else? Is there any dead there? Who? OK OK thanks Pedro He’s far ahead in a brown tree Wow With green Oh OK OK All the way around But I have to be with the majority of the team OK I’ll advance OK You saw him? Where are you? Behind you Tell me Rene, do I go with you? OK, cover OK Who Heck there’s one there At 11 There’s at 11 I don’t know.

The shield? He’s gone to change a thing The shield? Medic OK Hey, did they kill you? OK, wait Rossi Yeah Yeah I’m here No one, one here OK OK, wait Rossi I saw one alone there Rene, give us orders to advance Roadrunner Your’re gonna need to revive the guys Get back That’s why Enter to the right side, go running and you get in I cover you Rossi, ready? Copy We don’t have other medics over here Yes, there’s one behind you.

Did you hear Rene? Get back Enter by the right side Rossi, we advance OK, cover 2, 3 [WOUNDED]


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