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EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 1 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

EXPENDABLES – LONE SURVIVOR Pt. 1 (Airsoft gameplay Perú) [ENG subs]

Location: VIETNAM | Role: MEDIC | Faction: ATACKERS Objective: Eliminate the enem EXPENDABLES through the diferent combat zones. XD Please, fumigant grenades are prohibited The use of these grenades can cause a fire Tell him Nero Where is Nero? Please, fumigant grenades are prohibited We can cause a fire But that increases adrenaline, or not, Caronte? Of course “Sami got burned” “Fire” “Firemen” And we bring Chiroque Please, fumigant grenades are prohibited We can cause a fire They’re calling you, Rossi Yes Hey Rossi, are you filming? Affirmative Gentlemen, move, they’re already shooting Where’s Rene? Contact, gentlemen, contact Where’s Rene? Hey, and Rene? Hey, team, come I don’t move far from you From here the game has started I repeat, the game has started, you can move trough all the area I have a visual, far ahead, where the road ends Hey Rossi Are you filming? Yes I’m filming With both cameras How 2 cameras? Binoculars, let’s see, vision, what do you see, soldier? OK OK, look There’s one dead There he is Dead There’s one dead, look Wait There’s one dead, guys Look at the pointer OK, hey, can I revive him? Rene, there’s a dead one Rene, do I revive that guy or not? Victor, go with the shield Reviving, cover Behind Victor Wait You’re ready Wait Rene, I men, Rossi, don’t shoot Advance a bit Give me your hand OK, ready Get out of there Thanks man OK Hey You’ve come to play war games, haven’t you? Where? Hey guys No, you only obey Rene Ready? 1, 2 There he is, look Águilas don’t get lost OK Pedro, there’s one here Where? Look, come Down! Down! Yes Stay stand up there Where are you going? I’m hit mate But you can’t, I have to revive you Just stay standing there It’s filmed, Gonta Where’s Gianca? I’m here Take cover, mate Rene, you tell me, do I revive or not? No, steady, they have a medic OK Medic Did they kill him? Medic Medic, down Medic, take cover I’m here mate Don’t fuck wih me, Gonta mate Rene, do I go? Get back I shot, sorry How shitty, fuck My replica is doing false contact I hope it’s nothing bad You don’t see him with your scope? Going Rene Rossi, where are you? Revived Hey, what? [My replica’s battery was badly connected] You saw him No The dead don’t walk Done, I have him OK Dead Stay there dead The dead don’t walk Let’s fucking go Let’s go Heck Pedro, take cover Of coure Rossi Get down Cover the medic Heck, Rossi, you’re a medic Hey but, you’re supposed to cover me I have to run for a reason You’re gonna advance with all it takes


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