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EvilMonkeyGamer’s Airsoft Loadout

EvilMonkeyGamer’s Airsoft Loadout

hey guys what is up diva monkey gamer here back with another video this is gonna be a pretty interesting video I am going to be showing you guys my eres la flota video and before I get into it I’m gonna tell you guys um my computer didn’t get fixed this weekend hopefully love this week or next weekend um yeah I’m pretty hyped up I can’t wait to get some more art videos for you guys thing is I’m getting a new whole computer so I don’t know my art series is going to keep going might have to like a season 2 because I don’t think it would save than that the doily map I’ve been playing on a little song because I put a lot of time with that many many hours must my time I played on our fears in your shoes so let’s get into the airsoft photo ok you guys on my cameraman ditch me which my brother let’s go dis I know so recording this is probably a bit difficult but here we got my m14 its my primary weapon I killed a couple people if this is pretty cool pretty fun to use um I try to use my linear to my advantage so that all right here this thing’s full metal it’s pretty heavy it’s I think like 10 pounds which is pretty crazy and so on one of the heavier guns out of the guns I’ve ever had pretty much I had an for before buddy my dad I’d use a bunch of pieces from it and got it for my birthday this new had 14 and it is really really cool honestly really is you got a nice like scope attachment right here you can add or a red dot sight the normal sites right here miss you find look through it through my god you somewhere down there it’s really just go with the camera mmm way is really cool and then right here we got the boys back sounds really crazy it’s pretty cool sounds like an actual gun it really does look like the actual in 14 so here’s the mag you should probably add that it’s really annoying me add the mag it’s hard to do it one hand to become an elder sex whatever see ya that’s what it looks looks pretty cool so yeah this man 14 it it’s FPS is like 400 or something very sick really hurts I got shot by a couple times and then so my secondary weapon is this like 1911 m1911 or something like that and i use it when we went I went at it little OBO I usable in fact I’m doing this a lot of video because I just got the m14 and I just played airsoft this weekend and I use this pistol and actually it’s pretty useful so for down here I’m going to need a different mag because the mags broke in it should have like it’s really hard to get all I need a knife to stick in here to pull out the mag but yeah I’m probably going to get a different mag but its co2 yeah it’s pretty sick and its broken so I to pull his back is the bullet or the trigger right here gets stuck i’m at so probably pull it apart and have somebody help me fix it or something and it’s pretty cool gun and this is the two guns i use and then here’s I guess my mask it’s pretty cool everything you guys get a first person bees haha yeah it’s pretty cool um everything’s yellow makes everything so much brighter and it’s just it looks pretty cool I I was going to get a different one but cuz it kept fogging up but I figured out how to stop that so pretty cool and that’s my Mainers i’ll vote i have clothes and armor and stuff right i’m not going to show that off cuz i’m growing and keep growing out of his own it’s not really no point there’s no real point um yeah it’s i had a lot of fun this weekend on a plate i wish i had a GoPro recorded he is pretty fun i played with um janiel fever and one of my other friends and we had a blast deal well together and fought the teams so if you enjoyed the video please like comment um for any cool videos i should do calming the console and even subscribe be him hope it helps me and join your fever out a lot we’re trying to get videos out it’s been difficult both sides of us for me and him it’s both difficult right now um so sorry about the late uploads you’re not very common uploads as usual so sorry about that and um so p sucker


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