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EvikeTV [Airsoft Mythbusting] – Can Airsoft Guns Work Under Water? GBBs and AEGs

EvikeTV [Airsoft Mythbusting] – Can Airsoft Guns Work Under Water?  GBBs and AEGs

so start our test off we’re starting with a standard gas blowback rifle this is a wii tech m16 gas blowback we’re going to doing multiple tests on it the first one we’re going to do is a submerge test and then we’ll be doing an above water test both dry fire and live fire so let’s start off the test there is no round in the chamber and I’ve checked the magazine four rounds that’s empty as well the gun is rocked and ready to go so we’re going to go ahead and start our test as you can see functions normally under water now above water we’re going to do a dry fire test on round list test firing as you can see it still functions normal and now for our second test we’ve loaded rounds into the magazine I’m going racket once what gun is loaded hot we’re going to go ahead and fire it submerged again now we’re going to test it above water shake it off a little bit and see if it fires so as you can see it functions perfectly on semi and full auto modes after being submerged and once you shake it up a little bit is a great gun to small words of caution hey don’t do this at home we’re testing it for you and B keep in mind once you play in a wet environment like a swimming pool or if you’re out when it’s raining you do need to thoroughly dry clean and maintain every moving part and send an o-ring on your airsoft gun to make sure that the water didn’t damage anything at all for our second test we’re going to be using a hi-capa 5.

1 gas blowback pistol it’s a double stack magazine now because the gas gun it should function normally but that remains to be seen that’s why we’re testing it I have loaded it with pointy ogram bb’s and green gaps just like I loaded the gas blowback rifle so we’ll just emerge test first and then we’ll do our open-air tests let’s get it underway give it a shake and we’ll test it above water as well it functions just like it functions when it’s completely dry the whole system works very efficiently under water and above water once again with any gas blowback you want to definitely make sure everything’s dry and removed after you’re finished playing to make sure the system hasn’t been damaged by any water all right here’s our third test this is one of those ones where I need to very strongly urge you not to do this at home this test is with an AEG with a battery so this is a G&G m4a1 with a full stock I have mid-cap magazines because I figured they would feed a little bit better than a hicap magazine so the gun is hot at this time let me go ahead and put it underwater and see what happens so it does function was that a chucker once again while I would never advise you to play with an electric gun in the rain or in a pool for that matter we tested it here to show you that the gun still can function why once being fully submerged or even getting wet at all again just like the a smell like rifles once you play in the rain or in any wet environment you want to completely disassemble your gun make sure the entire thing is dry including the gearbox remove anything that needs to be removed including the gears piston things like that you should be good to go so for our final test you know we like to end things at the bank near Unicom I’ve setup a grenade now I’ve tied the grenade to a pistol because we know the pistol works fine underwater but I wanted to keep it under water for not that loud as you’ll get a chance to see what it’ll look like when exploding while submerged so go ahead and pull the pin drop the spoon and get the hell out of here and there you have it a grenade in water not only does the function at what’s great is the depth charge so if you’re if you’re in the model boat reenactments and you depth charge pick up some my airsoft grenades they work great thanks again for watching this episode of evic TV if you have more myths that you’d like us to bust concerning airsoft we’ll do our best to accommodate those just put your suggestions in the comment section below as always like the video subscribe to the channel will bring you more airsoft information as soon as we came see you guys next time one final safety message at no time should you ever attempt to replicate any of the experiments we did today we’re in a controlled environment being supervised by trained professionals you should never ever try this at home


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