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hey guys how’s it going welcome to my player profile now it occurred to me after we got out of broken home Ford this year and I really haven’t done a player profile or a loadout video in like four to five years George was telling me so we thought this would be a great opportunity to tell you what I’m running now as opposed to what I was running several years ago as with any loadout you’re going to find ways to adapt transform and ultimately make your loadout better a lot of people have multiple loadouts I’m really a core kind of guy I like everything the way it is so that we had know where it’s at every time so I don’t change a whole lot but when I do have an adaptation my gear kind of sticks with me so the first thing I think is the most important in any airsoft loadout is Footwear whether you’re doing milsim or speed soft or however you play airsoft if you roll an ankle you get injured you develop blisters that ends your day that can ruin what otherwise could have been a great meal similar airsoft experience so Footwear is very important whether you decide to go with a six-inch boot or an eight-inch boot or something that supports your ankle that’s really really important the ones I wear are the 511 8×8 inch desert coyote colored boot they’re great they’re very breathable I love the side zip so I don’t have to retime every time next up after boots we’ve got my pants the pants I choose to wear I’ve got a variety of pants depending on what camo pattern we’re going with I’ve got a couple 5 11s but I’ve also got this set which is an m-80 one beyond clothing I think it’s the Alpha or something like that it’s their upper echelon pant because I like this the cut real well they fit nicely and they come in a size that fits me it’s difficult because of my waist size to find a length pant that works for me but these work great these also have an integrated knee pad which is compatible with my crying pads from the other pants that I have whenever you’re looking for tactical pants is a good idea to look for something that either has an internal pad pocket like the 5 11s that we sell that can take a knee pad and if not it might be a good idea to purchase a set of kneepads to keep your knees from getting banged up on the ears up field next up we have my belt this is a load-bearing belt designed to carry extra gear that doesn’t fit on my vest you’ll notice that the belt I put together with a pretty simple Rigger’s belt the Cobra buckle is important because no matter how much strain you’re going to put on it it can withstand those pulling forces you’re not worried about it coming undone on you attached to that I’ve got my hsgi battle belt we carry here as well as some taco pouches for my pistol mags I usually don’t carry more than two secondary pistol mags on the milsim airsoft field just because I don’t find myself switching to a secondary off often also mounted to my belt is my dump pouch of course an extra accessory pouch I usually keep dead rags in here extra things a walk a wipe cloth for goggles and it’s got some cool patched space as well and I’ve got my pistol of course my kwa DS as well as my g-code holster and mounting system I love this mounting system because I ever changed pistols I can always swap out from the paddle and put on any platform I want a little bit higher up here we’ve got my combat top now depending on the situation we’re in or whatever event we’re at my combat top may change depending on what lowers I’m wearing or what have you a couple years ago we started going to the combat tops as opposed to your standard BDU top partially because BDU tops are kind of heavy and they’re you know they’re they have a lot of buttons on they can get in the way of your vest and can be uncomfortable but really because these vents so well that it helps to dissipate that heat that you generate when you’re playing yourself if you don’t have a combat top I definitely suggest picking one out this one is the Ranger green lvx assaulters top I really like Ranger green I think it’s a versatile color I think it works on a variety of situations whether you’re playing it with multicam or OD green and it even work well with desert I taught my my vest is Ranger green that works well in a desert environment as well next up of course we’ve got probably the most prominent part of my gear that’s my plate carrier this one is very similar to some ones on the market this one was actually made for my friends I’d be difficult to find this exact one I really wanted something that was very adaptable and again just like the rest of my gear we’ve kind of adapted it over time and changed the DS of it if you’re looking for something similar in terms of cut and functionality several of the vests that are on the market that would do this style for you the Shellback tactical banshee is a great option the condor cyclone is also great you’ve got the LB x 0 0 9 4 which is the airsoft variant of their plate carrier vest and you’ve also got another several of the j pc variants as well but the main design features that I look for is an adjustable back so you can adjust the sizing good strong velcro enclosures that will not slip or tear on you as you’re operating the functionality of your vest or if you have to be dragged something that won’t rip a good solid drag handle with good stitching because we do do very rigorous milsim events you will be dragged that’s something to prepare for and then just a lot of Powell’s or MOLLE webbing so you’ve got a lot of options when you’re mounting things to your vest as you can see my loadout itself is actually pretty basic I’ve got six mag pouches on the front here to double stack a three hsgi tacos we carry a TV comm I’ve got on my side here my right hand side this is a utility pouch made by milspec monkey and tactical tailor we can special order this for you I liked it because it came a range of green this utility pouch not only has some velcro so I can put on some some patches if I’d like it’s got a front storage area that I can get to very quickly the whole thing unzips to give me storage options for a speed loader I usually keep an extra battery here my V LEDs for night games and it’s also got some elastic on the side for a pen or two if I need to write something in the field on my left side here I’ve got what is basically a mate makeshift radio pouches and the tactical tailor pouch also in Ranger in here I use this as my comms pouch I’ve got my hy TTC 580 not the most common of radios I like them because they’re a true 5 watt radio they’ve got a good amount of reception to them they’re easily programmable they’re compatible with compounding Vox codes you can do CT CSS codes you can do a whole lot of security and all the buttons are programmable if you use something similar whether it be a bow phone or a PO Fang or any number of even if you use a Motorola something to look for is usability and make sure you understand the controls before you get to the airsoft field so you’re not scrambling to try to change a channel to match up with people if you do use these though make sure you look up an FRS gmrs table so you can convert your frequencies over to the FRS gmrs that the Motorola talk abouts do now way you can use the same radio channels that everybody else on the airsoft field is doing a little bit higher up i’ve got a couple things again i’d like to keep this pretty open because that in the way i’ve got my signal 21 we’ve talked about it before I really like code Reds headsets and signal 21 it’s a great way to adapt my radio to either a push-to-talk button and it’s got a 3.

5 millimeter jack so when I do wear headphones especially like shooting headphones and they have a 3.5 millimeter input jack I can always run comms up to those and then I’ve got a great way to use headphones with my existing rig on the side of that I’ve also got my elite force dead rag poll this is the newer design with the male velcro on the pull tab so it will stick to things actually on your body swinging around to my back I’ve got pretty much one pouch now I’m not really a fan of putting a whole bunch of stuff on my back primarily because I don’t run in large squads where people are going to need anything that I have that they would that they would be using but also because I’d like to keep myself pretty streamlined so my pack holds water extra bb’s maybe a backup speed loader probably not and of course it holds my mock suppressor that’s compatible with my 416 and the only other thing on my body is my medic pouch here that is carrying two ace bandages four foot in length when you play milsim each game might have its own separate medic rules EMS guys require us to have medic bands to be tied around your person so that’s where I store those it’s easy to get to and if I am dead and someone needs to medic me it’s easy enough to point to I probably should put a red plus sign on it though so they know about me having to say might be a new adaptation for my gear all right moving further up my body I’ve got my sling here this is a Magpul dynamics ms to the MS three had a lot of design features that really made the MS two better they learned a lot with the MS 2 which is why the MS 3 really didn’t need a redesign it’s such a good platform but I like the MS 2 because it’s a little bit narrower it’s got a nice slick slick cloth to it so doesn’t get hung up on things this is a nice way to go for a sling because you have the ability to go from a 1 point to a 2 point very quickly if you need to and releasing your weapon out of the sling itself is very quickly if you have it slung and you simply pull this and relief and then a little bit higher than that of course helmet now whether or not you decide to wear a helmet or a full paintball mask or airsoft full face mask or whether you do a mesh or goggles or some combination of those helmet and head cover is very very important we do a lot of milsim events these days where we’re entering buildings getting in and out of vehicles and so we found that the helmets really the easiest way to go especially because we film a lot of our engagements and the nvg mount on the front of the helmet is a great way to mount your GoPro other advantages to this helmet are the fact that it has velcro on the back so we were able to attach a rear pouch at rear pouch lets us run an external battery up over the helmet to the GoPro so you don’t have to worry about your battery dying on field my glasses or my eye pro themselves are not bungee Don but I do use a set of Oakley M frame z’ with the Oakley kilo kit now while these are pretty good at keeping out dust and definitely very good at keeping out bb’s they’re really not definitely very good at staying fog lifts these have a big problem with fogging and one of the anti fogging tools we’ve come used is that new pro anti fog it works extremely well and it’s taken a glog goggle that really honestly annoyed me and and really made it a lot better finally you’ll notice on my hands I have a pair of mechanics gloves these are the mechanics impact I like these because they’re comfortable they’re not too obtrusive when it comes to the padding on the fingers that means every once a while you’re gonna get shot in the fingertip and I’ll hurt a little bit but overall good protection reasonable breathability alright guys well that pretty much does it for my loadout video sorry if it was a little bit long I really wanted to go into depth of why I chose the things I chose so if you guys are looking to complete a loadout it’s easier for you to make educated decisions this is what works for me oh I didn’t talk about my gun you


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