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Evike, Airsoftmegastore und TAC CITY Airsoft Gameplay – Alles an einem Tag! [ENG SUBTITLES]

Evike, Airsoftmegastore und TAC CITY Airsoft Gameplay – Alles an einem Tag! [ENG SUBTITLES]

This program is presented by Good morning We’re waiting until the video is uploaded We’re uploading LA day 1 right now. Today it’s LA day 2 Have a look There is the rest of our team We didn’t visit Hollywood yesterday Because it was just too late That’s the problem here, you’re driving for hours and hours and then it’s suddenly dark And well, you can’t lie on the beach then.

But we visited Santa Monica you saw this, even if it was dark We skipped Hollywood, so we’re fit right now And we’re a little late now We’ve got some appointments today. First we’ll go to Evike Do a little shopping there Then we’ll go to Airsoft Mega Store I guess they’re in Germany as well, but today we’re going to visit them in LA They’re really not small and wrote us a message yesterday Because they would like to do an interview with Lara Lara is very active on Instagram And after this and I’m really happily looking forward to this we’re going to TAC CITY CQB FIELD Oh have a look at my new eye pro It’s the Oakley I don’t know Whatnot Well it is an eyepro And I wanted to buy some cool sunglasses as well So I just bought them So is the video ready right now? Then we could start the day now Because we’ve got a lot to do today Facebook says, not completely But YouTube is already online yes? – Yes, it is Yesterday Lara said she wanted to play against me She revised it then, so let’s see how we handle it I don’t know what to buy because I can’t take all the stuff to Germany But 5.

11 had so many nice knifes But it is all forbidden in Germany And the last time I went to Evike I spent like 6 hours there Just shopping all the time And I can imagine that today will be similar We’ll skip the drive now, there will be enough content today I guess So we will be back when we’re at Evike Hey Nick This building is so big – and they even got a Humvee in front of the building *it was like a German joke* Here we are – Airsoft Shopping in LA A nice Humvee right in front of the door The building is just huge That’s kind of interesting Always wear your eye pro when dealing with airsoft stuff And a weapon in public is prohibited And they do even have to transport their weapons in cases That’s only in this federal state But that’s switching all the day, so it’s getting more strict even here Let’s go inside That’s so nice You have to take a number and when it’s your turn a consultant joins you and you can go through the store together with him There it starts, so here is only show room But let’s do a little shop porn Showroom is like a little vestibule But the showroom is even bigger than some German airsoftstore I saw already like one or two It’s a pity, that in Germany there is no really big airsoft shop Instead of okay Conos, is really huge But that’s it The other ones are always like small rooms, that’s kind of different here Oh there’s Lara You want to take it? – Yes, this one or the pink one.

I’ll just ask Instagram Check this out You can put your change here, and then it’s like a patch change So wich one shall we take Justin? We can put ours up here And then we can take one of these Let’s take the one we think is the coolest – So which one do you like most? Well this one is very beautiful of course But we’ve got about thousands of these at home These ones are small ones, so I would say ours is like 4 times that big so we can take 4 no? Come on let’s leave Ahh show the tank please, you know the guys from DMAX? What’s the name again? Some of you will know this for sure there are some guys I think they’re even from LA and they build these tanks just like their customers wish and so they built something for Evike It’s here since maybe 4 or 5 years, because when I was here last time, it was new And I guess that was like 4 years ago.

So they’ve got a tank and there are laptops with a touchscreen everywhere so you can fill your consumer basket and then your guide will come and then he will like take all the stuff from the storage for you Then you can just take it and go to the cashier So this really is a nice working airsoft store Let’s go on Oh look over there.

That’s kind of a Conos thing, too It’s a shooting range, that’s what I call high-end What I mean is, you can test your weapons at Conos, too I’ve locally been there, as you saw in on of our videos This is the only store I know in Germany, where you can do it It’s just like perfect here.

You can just pick a weapon Then you can go in here and try it Let’s go over there I already ordered my stuff, so what was it again? Gloves for Lara, because she left hers at home Slings, oh I have to show them to you because they’re really nice paracord slings So then let’s look around.

Ahh yes I ordered some stocks from Magpul as well I want to put it on my Tippmann They’re so nice. This is the Tokyo Marui M93 I would really love taking this with me But of course I’m not allowed to do so Because it’s no german weapon.

There is no “F” on it They’ve got stuff for fishing as well, but that’s not that interesting for me A weapon dealer is allowed to buy weapons abroad they have to let them mark It’s just all about the money If you’re buying only one piece the best case would be, if the weapon is already existing in Germany, only sold out for example, then the shop can get it for you So always talk to the shops, I would never take a weapon and put it in my bag If I would make it through the airport, this might work, but it’s really illegal Oh look I ordered this gunclip, too Wanted to buy it in Germany, but it’s sold out like everywhere It’s only 48,90$ here, so kind of cheap Big advantage is you can mount a torch at the Glock Yes I know, it’s forbidden in Germany I don’t even have one, but then I could do it like this So like mounting a broken torch at my weapon And then this would fit, because it doesn’t fit a normal holster You know what I mean? The nice thing here is, they’re allowed to mount their lasers and torches on their weapons There are so many nice laser and torches existing And I’m not allowed to do it! This drives me crazy, it’s just German law So only authorities and police are allowed To put light and laser on their weapons So have a look, this is the sling Paracord sling, that’s the curved fore grip And it only costs like the half Gun Clips from Crye The stock Oh damn I do notice the Barrett Looks very nice Lara can we put it on the Tippmann? Yes of course, I do really like it Okay, so it’s bought So he took my order from the warehouse Then here we’ve got some torches but I won’t buy them Because I’m not allowed to use it.

So this is the counter I order some more stuff now, because I need a scarf He types it over there and I can have a look at my screen Then I can choose and he takes it from the storage again That’s pretty amazing The guys who work on evike offered us to shoot with their guns They’ve got some special stuff of course Full auto, laser, lights So the custom weapons, the GBB Scar And an MP5, just the same like me, but completely rebuilt Let’s shoot a bit It’s an MP5 SD, I’ve got one too, but his is custom Did you hear this? It’s like only one jet It’s crazy that this weapon can stand this So Lara tell me your recension? – Well, 10 from 10 nachos Was nice? – Definetly Let’s try the GBB Skar It’s full auto again, I’m really goin’ crazy If it’s full auto then it’s a completely different impression We’re out, just bought like two or three things in there We’re late so hurry, because we’ve got an invitation from another airsoft store And Max parked in a different way He told me, if there is a blue line on the floor, you’re allowed to park That’s the reason why we’re standing left-handed and right-handed from the Humvee And we could socialize here at Evike We met some nice guys and we’re going to play with them the next time Unfortunately our time today is way too short But we’ll do another appointment Such nice guys And the weapon, the MP5 amazing frequency Let’s go We arrived at a place where I don’t know where we are We should be at Airsoft Mega Store Yes there is a weapon, so have a look over there They wrote Lara on Instagram because they saw we’re in Los Angeles So they wanted us to come over Drink a coffee and do an interview with Lara A live interview, so let’s go inside Pretty small right? – Yees, kind of tiny Damn it’s huge You can’t even see a sign from the outside We were thinking first “Well, what are we doing here?” We didn’t know them before, of course we were searching online after their inquiry And then we saw okay they’re like big, and Dominik Windmüller Greetings to Dominik, he commented something on their page Then I thought, if even Dominik writes something then let’s go there, it’ll be worth it But I hadn’t expected it to be that big We’ll do a little behind the scenes now, there will be a live-connection very soon Over Airsoft Mega Store So the two guys will interview Lara You’re going to do this alone Noooo – Yes, you can do it You’re way prettier than me, so that fits better In the meantime I’ll eat a sandwich or some I’m eating way too less in America Are you nervous? – Yes, definetly I’m really very nervous.

– But you will rule? – Yes, I will rule Than just say bye, see you soon The live video is done They went really crazy, so it was kind of funny You can have a look at it on Airsoft Mega Store Facebook Really crazy We’ll leave now because we’re late again for our appointment with Tac City Unbelieveable, no sign about airsoft from the outside Looks plain, like a normal office building They could sell like clothes for babies or socks and stuff But the truth is, that it’s a big warehouse filled with airsoft stuff We’re late again Let’s go to Tac City Just arrived at Tac City Now we have to take a look, because it’s not open We were invited to have a look at the field, when they’re not open, so we can have a closer look We get a little lead now GSP has already been here The area is absolutely winding It’s absolutely CQB There are like tactical games on a slender field They’ve got 350 FPS in maximum Really appreciate it, thought the kids would shoot in my mouth all the time and you might lose a teeth Well it’s not like that And he said they’re only sometimes playing full auto That’s the parents area Where they can sit down and have a look at their children in the same time They built a HPA nerv gun They build custom weapons and you can rebuilt or fix your weapon The rebuilt a nerv gun to an airsoft gun with HPA There are 4 stairs of rental guns From a normal combat machine until well I forgot But KWA or HPA, you can nearly borrow everything They’ve got more than 100 rental weapons After seeing the field, 1 to 10 Nachos? Difficult to say I definetly saw some very cool areas and saw some really nice stuff in the Netherlands as well I’m a big fan from the manner here Don’t do the Nacho-o-meter, we’ll test it first and then we’ll do the Nach-o-meter okay? We’ll get an introduction now Because we’re doing the same program like every customer And on this point there is explained what’s important for playing airsoft for the first time They’ve got like 600-800 new airsoft players every month Heavy I loaded ammo We mounted the cam on the weapon provisionally, another one is on my head So let’s play airsoft in the cqb area Jan you run and get the flag Sascha and Lara your part is covering fire So if we start, Jan will just run Back and let it drop How was your first two rounds? – They were crap No, they went well, but for the other team We lost.

Might be that it was a little bit of my fault But my team consists of members who never played airsoft except for Lara and me Let’s go – round 2 I guess we’ll play together with the other players Come on Kai let’s rock Left left! Attention Let’s go forward Jan behind Lara You serious? We’re done Let’s take a picture and then we’re out for dinner So it’s dark again, this means no beach again Maybe if we’ve got the power we’re going to Hollywood Tomorrow we’re going bowling, the appointment is tomorrow right? – Yes And there is no other plan for tomorrow right? Maybe we can make it to the beach tomorrow Well I reckon there will be like 18 degree celsius and rain tomorrow haha Weather shall be fine? – Yes – So, let’s take a picture But our day ain’t over – Will there be nachos? There will be nachos Let’s also do the Nach-o meter for the field outside See you soon We’re outside now, but what do you think about the field? Nach-O Meter on Hospitality 10/10 They were so nice and we got some presents We got invited They were pretty cool For the area it’s 9/10 There is everything you need Referees everywhere So let’s go and have dinner It’s not only nachos, but it’s with nachos You could have breakfast now right? For guys starting their day late If you’re not on the fitness trip like me.

You’re going to love it Even Lara loves this, and she’s definetly on the fitness trip No actually I’m more on the food trip Did you already show this? – No, what do you mean? – Show this The cups are so big and you can choose every beverage Than choose Dr Pepper And then you can choose Cherry vanilla That’s awesome right? Why don’t we have stuff like that in our offiece? Everything that cheers the Airsoft Helden heart right? Everything that cheers the carious heart So I’m eating healthy again The day is over now, it was really so eventful We experienced a lot and I hope you liked the video until now and the end as well We’re going to the beach tomorrow and hopefully collect some sunshine Everyday we’re cruising from one appointment to another and then it’s dark again Well, so beach and in the evening we’re going to bowl with 101tech We got some nice caps and patches from Tac City And I’ll say we raffle them out We were thinking about something cool So you have to estimate my points in the first round of bowling and write your guess in the comments First round – bowling – my score Everyone above 300 is out even before we started Because that’s maximum Is 300 maximum? I guess perfect game Is 300 So if you got the right guess, then you can win the Tac City package including a snapback and patches That’s it for today.

Just going back to the hotel now and work a bit Like cut the video and translate it And then we’re going to sleep. So see you tomorrow This program was presented by


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