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Eriks Tan and Black Airsoft Loadout : DesartSpartanAirsoft

Eriks Tan and Black Airsoft Loadout : DesartSpartanAirsoft

hey it’s jack from desert Spartans airsoft and we’re going to do Eric’s load out with tan and black starting with the top he’s got a Mitch 2000 replica with mounts rails and it’s in tan has velcro and on the side as the replay on the other side as a replay XD to 720 and then on the other side’s got an American flag patch that we just put on that which he’s had for a while and then going down to the goggles he has a desert locust black and on the back with the protector just the protector um on the front for the face protection is the liar nace lower face mask and tan and he’s gonna take off his stuff and talk about the rest because he knows guys this air from desert foreign to airsoft and we got the torso portion you know and so I got a letter tactical bike carrier from ears off next door and I took off the couple things like the utility pouch and a double notch because it more lightweight and this better looks better too and I got the double the okay well yeah just go check it out the description for the for the video it’ll be in the description and you can check it out over there so we got a dummy knife right here just cuz the handle broke off another thing you got a radio in here Sokka blocks will slip homie got I got a sling her here and I got a battery I should better here in this couch I got three things so on the back side we got a hydration condor outdoor thing is like a water thing in there enough but I took the thing out because the hydration carrier hydration bladder out cuz my hose bent so it’s like pointless now broke so I just use it for storage carry stuff so you can check out the bottom part shortly hey it’s eric from denmark now for the lower part of my load up so i got this isn’t really lower part but i got some hard knuckle solo oakley gloves and tan I got paint all over from the place to play it and I got some khaki color like working pants I guess they work good and I got a tan poster with the pistol my pistol as you can watch the review on that later then I got my tan dumped off right here and there’s nothing in it I just drop my bags in there whenever they’re out so that’s all I got for my lower half alright the video and please like favorite comment subscribe do all that Spartans out


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