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Epic wall of airsoft(update 1)

Epic wall of airsoft(update 1)

hey this is jb productions and this is the epic wall of airsoft so far and i really don’t have very many guns yet and the one right there is broke i just have it up there for looks because there’s not very many guns on the wall right now it doesn’t look good i’m hoping to put another peg board up there in a closet back there i have a bunch of stuff back there right now and I’m just kind of go quick overview right now I’ve only had this well Christmas just went by so I’ve had all this for about a month I just got that or the end for last week and I got everything out I got this like two years ago but just decided to paint it and put it up Oh got some airsplat stickers and this is like we just got every I know but it’s electric pistol from mum or kmart yeah I know pretty crappy right and there’s a 91 gun I just did a review on that and this is some weird some is on a blowback but the slide still gives back that doesn’t make sense as no use for that there’s not even a hop up in it so that’s something by kwc I really don’t know what it is and this is a mini spring pistol amoebic that I got free and there’s some more both there are many but this looks a lot like this without that grip I need to organize these a lot better to that I have em for right here just got that to a nice shoots pretty good rps is kind of low though and I custom painted in three shotgun it looked really nice I got a bunch of leaves and I covered it up over that and just sprayed up it’s right Overton it a bunch of layers on it well this is that airsoft all for now and I’ll probably be getting probably do an update in two months in February so should be a lot bigger now should have all that up there everything cleaning out and write down there is where we keep all the accessories and stuff and I have a baby that box is a enormous BB catcher but you really can’t tell then I store all my babies and that and some more babies than that two more babies than that plus mags and stuff and that’s it


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